System crashes during Fetty Wap ticket sales, sale date pushed


A graphic tweeted out by SUBOG in February announcing that Fetty Wap will be this year’s spring concert performer. (Twitter)

If you were one of the many people who tried to purchase tickets to the Fetty Wap concert, you probably realized that the system was down, completely compromising the purchasing process.

The third-party system that the Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG) was using for the ticket sales did not work properly and sales had to be postponed for a later date, according to a SUBOG press release.

The ticket system was “deemed ready for use” after having been used successfully for the Schoolboy Q concert, last spring, according to the release.

“Although SUBOG had been assured that the ticket system would be able to handle the demand of thousands of students trying to purchase tickets at the exact same time, the ticket system could not handle the influx of traffic,” according to the release.

Students like Jessica Seabrook, an 8th-semester psychology and criminal justice major, were frustrated about the system failure.

“Especially since our Internet already crashes on it’s own, so on top of that, it’s just like why?” Seabrook said. “I was refreshing the page, that’s what I was doing for hours. It’s just frustrating. There definitely needs to be a better system.”

Students like Julian Yuliawan, a 4th-semester entrepreneurship and music major, were confused as to why another system was not used.

“I just figured that they know that thousands of students are going to try to buy these tickets at this time,” Yuliawan said. “Why don’t they put in place or use a different system that obviously will work better?”

SUBOG decided to cease ticket sales when the system was not working properly. Sales were closed in order to give all students an equal opportunity to buy tickets, according to the release.

“There was a risk that some sales would be processed, giving students an unequal opportunity of buying tickets,” according to the release.

SUBOG is working to solve the problem with the third-party ticket system staff and will “relaunch ticket sales at a future date,” according to the release. 

“SUBOG will publish detailed ticket information on all of our organization’s social media platforms, the organization’s website, and across campus in print,” according to the release.

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