Treat yourself: Spring video games worth your money


Mion, a lost girl with amnesia, relies on a pair of fireflies to guide her through a terrible labrynth in “htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary. (Courtesy/The Firefly Diary)

You made it! Spring break is just over the horizon and your wallet has finally recovered from those early semester textbook purchases, so it’s time to buy some games. Here are a few interesting titles coming out in March to get you started.

“htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary” – March 14 (PC)

Follow Mion, a lost girl with, you guessed it, amnesia, as she relies on a pair of fireflies to guide her through a terrible labyrinth. This Tim Burton-esque platformer was originally released in Japan by Nippon Ichi Software, but “The Firefly Diary” is seeing its first official rerelease for American audiences this month. According to the trailer, Mion will have to navigate the world of light and the world of darkness if she wants to find out who she is and how she got there.

“Salt and Sanctuary” – March 15 (PS4, Vita, PC)

This unexpectedly bloody side scroller boasts all the brutality of “Dark Souls” in an all new 2D art style. Created by husband-wife developer team Ska Studios, “Salt and Sanctuary” allows for multiplayer dungeon crawls makes unqiue use of the bonfire save-point mechanic. Throughout your heroes travels, they can find small statues that become helpful villagers when placed beside the fire. 

“The Descendants” – March 24 (PC)

This game might be tagged as a casual point and click adventure on Steam, but the stakes don’t get much higher than this: following an all out resource war, it’s up to you to make sure humanity’s last hope survive their cryogenic slumber in Ark-01 and restart society. “The Descendants,” created by a Swedish developer, is told episodically from multiple perspectives, this time through the eyes of Mia, an Ark janitor and Donnie, an investigator hoping to free the survivors from their deep sleep.

“Adr1ft” – March 28 (Rift, PC)

Three One Zero’s “immersive First Person Experience” puts you in the space suit of an astronaut struggling to survive in the wake of an explosive disaster. Tasked with rebuilding the space station’s escape pod, the player must scavenge for resources and hints of what happened to the rest of the crew.

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