Confessions of a Fashionista: Rihanna ‘Works’


Anyone who knows anything about style and fashion never fails to admire and slightly obsess over other people who have the same love for dressing up. I know for me, Rihanna has always been a serious style crush of mine from day one. Besides the fact that she’s absolutely stunning and insanely talented she has a real ability for putting together these crazy outfits that would look absolutely ridiculous on anyone else besides her.

When trying to find a way to understand exactly how she manages to pull these things off I try and piece together how her and her stylists I’m sure, take these gorgeous clothes and literally make art on her body. So I’ve decided, the one quality that Rihanna has that most of us ‘normal’ people do not, is versatility. She can literally do absolutely anything to her hair, makeup and outfits and she can just make it work. Similar to Kylie Jenner who does everything in her power to try to pull off her Kermit the Frog hair color and fails miserably, whereas Rihanna can literally go bald and no one bats an eye.

Now, it takes a lot more than just versatility to create a Style Icon, I mean, these people are unforgettable. Usually Style Icon’s are models or designers that dedicate their entire lives and careers to making fashion, art. But Rihanna is an artist in a different way, she makes music but somehow her creativity in her songs and the evolution of her lyrics have worked their way into the way she dresses in the most beautiful way.

Rihanna is a symbol of empowerment, her lyrics and the self-confidence she evokes to her audience makes you have not a care in the world what others might think of you.

Rihanna’s fishnet Adam Selman gown and accompanying accessories at the 2014 CFDA Awards. (Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

This directly translates to the outfits she wears on the regular, I can recall countless times where she made the best dressed lists simply by wearing things that the average person wouldn’t because they would be too self conscious.

One outfit I’m thinking of in particular that I’m sure is hard for most people to forget is her gown at the 2014 CFDA Awards. She was covered head to toe in Swarovski crystals (every girl’s dream) but with a minor difference, it was almost completely see-through. I don’t know about you, but I think most girls would be pretty hesitant to walking down a red carpet with everything on display. Some call it tacky. I call it brave.

All of Rihanna’s style choices boil down to confidence, she chooses things that she feels comfortable wearing on the Red Carpet or even in her daily life. Like every person her wardrobe has facets, some days she feels extremely feminine, others she feels comfortable dressing in a pant suit. The bottom line is, her taste is bold and she isn’t afraid to make the worst dressed lists every once in awhile for the sake of fashion and taking a risk.

That’s what I love about her, the fact that she’s so focused on herself and what she gets out of her outfits rather than constantly wondering what everyone else is thinking about her. Ultimately, you get dressed in the morning for yourself right? No one else cares what you’re going to wear, it’s all about what you feel and how you feel when you put on your favorite things in your closet.

Personally I think we can all learn a thing or two from this flawless Style Icon. Don’t second guess yourself and if you feel something do it. That’s what fashion is all about, and overthinking what you love won’t stress anyone out but you.

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