Governor orders $5 million in state funding cuts for UConn


Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy speaks after being sworn in for his second term, Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015, inside the William A. O’Neill Armory in Hartford Conn. (Jessica Hill, Pool/AP)

HARTFORD — One day after Republicans proposed nearly $17 million in cuts for the University of Connecticut and the UConn Health Center in the current fiscal year, Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy announced he is immediately cutting $5 million between the two institutions Wednesday.

The governor’s budget rescissions, which cut $65 million in total from entities across the state, will result in a loss of $4.05 million at UConn and $1.37 million at the UConn Health Center. The state is facing a $220 million projected budget deficit in the current fiscal year with a $900 million projected budget deficit in the next fiscal year.

“These were difficult decisions, but ones that nevertheless have to be made to ensure that we don’t spend more than we actually have,” Malloy said in a statement. “I appreciate our recent discussions with legislative leadership and hope they will continue to be productive and lead to a bipartisan solution. Together, we must adjust our overall spending expectations. I look forward to continuing to meet with Democratic and Republican leadership in both chambers in order to find the best solutions possible.”

The cuts take $3.86 million from the university’s operating expenses as well as $191,447 from the Next Generation Connecticut program. At the health center, it is losing $1.24 million in operating expenses, $125,000 in bioscience funding and $4,275 from the Area Health Education Center.

Tom Breen, UConn’s deputy spokesman, said the university is “reviewing the information now to determine what the effect might be.”

Under the Republican plan proposed Tuesday, the university would be hit with more than $9 million in cuts while the UConn Health Center would lose more than $7 million.

A spokesman for the governor said while Malloy had his reservations about the proposal, he would sign it into law if it reached his desk.

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