Review: Downloadable content swoops in to save “Just Cause 3”


Sky Fortress, the first addition to “Just Cause 3,” was released on March 8, 2016. (Courtesy/IGN)

My biggest complaint with “Just Cause 3” was that there just wasn’t enough stuff to destroy, and my second biggest complaint was that it took too long to traverse the map. The new “Sky Fortress” downloadable content (DLC) makes a decent attempt at fixing both problems, creating a more complete “Just Cause 3” experience.

The first thing that this DLC does is give you a jet pack, and this should be a learning experience for all other developers. Jet packs, almost by default, make everything cooler and “Just Cause 3” is no exception. It’s more of a boost system for your wing suit than it is a traditional jetpack, but it’s still awesome.

Of course, you can’t expect the player to use the wing suit all the time, because they’ll need to land to fight enemies. The developers decided to up the ante by strapping a missile launcher and a machine gun to the wing suit as well, effectively turning protagonist Rico Rodriguez into a fighter jet. Flying into an enemy base and tearing it up on bombing runs is awesome, and the new weapons pack enough punch to be effective in almost every situation.

In addition to the jet pack, “Sky Fortress” provides some new enemies to fight and locations to destroy, namely a gigantic airship belong to the stupidly named “eDEN corporation,” from which it launches armies of drones to ravage the landscape. It’s pretty cool when you first see it, even if it is just a rip off of the Daedalus from “Saints Row the Third.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be “Just Cause” if the bad guy didn’t call you up every few minutes to ask you to stop blowing things up. The CEO of the eDEN corporation will personally call you up to tell you to stop destroying things this time around, but the overall story is very bare bones. Another shadowy evil figure is trying to control the mysterious resource called Bavarium, they’re willing to kill civilians to get it and it’s up to Rico Rodriguez to stop them. We’ve seen this before and it’s probably best if you just ignore most of the plot the game tries to throw at you.

Given the new focus on air combat, the developers also thought to include robotic, heavily armed drones as enemies. These things are a lot of fun to fight, as you can grapple onto the top of one and ride it as you shoot at its companions. The new weapons, however, are borderline useless. They all seem to have an insanely high spread and recoil, making it very difficult to hit the drones that fly around shooting you from long range. If you’re like me and you’ve already unlocked the best weapons, then it’s probably best to just hold onto your upgraded machine gun.

There’s nothing revolutionary here, but the jetpack is what really makes this DLC worth buying for those looking to spend more time with “Just Cause 3.” The airship and the new enemies make for fun window dressing, but the only part of this DLC that you’ll remember a week after playing it is how much fun you had zipping through the mountains on a rocket pack.

My Score: 7/10

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