Her Campus UConn provides magazine writing, event coverage experience


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If you’re interested in magazine writing, feminism and local campus event coverage, Her Campus is the magazine for you to check out.

Her Campus was formed in 2009 by a group of three undergraduate women at Harvard. Initially a winner of an internal competition for best business plan, it eventually was named the top small business of the year by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. Now it’s a national magazine with thousands of women writing for hundreds of different chapters and millions of visitors online, per Forbes.

“The cool thing about Her Campus is that there’s not really a set area for what you have to write about,” said Olivia Piper, a writer for Her Campus’ online UConn section.

A sixth-semester journalism and English double major, Piper likes to write about feminism, women and body positivity.

“We take what’s happening and make it interesting to a college audience,” Piper said, mentioning one series of articles called “WTF UConn” that centered around minor grievances on the university, like the school not cancelling class in bad weather. The website focuses on features, blogs, profiles and snapshots.

According to Piper, the tone of the magazine’s articles is conversational, yet laced with newsworthy information that’s relatable for college students and important enough to be on the national website.

“We try to focus a lot on UConn since that gets circulation and serves our local college community,” Levine said, mentioning that the chapter also gets free reign over writing about pop culture and covering events like feminism lectures and even local theater performances, like one of the Vagina Monologues earlier this year.

The stories are generally geared towards college women, whether in entertainment or strict news value.

While the Storrs group of Her Campus writers initially had only 10-15 regular members before, they have four to six times as much now, per its editor-in-chief Sarah Levine, an eighth-semester journalism and communications double major.

Levine talked about how she saw Her Campus as a means of networking for young undergraduate student journalists. Though the organization’s writers may hail from different colleges, whether UConn or even somewhere like the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, they all ultimately are writing for the same national magazine. Levine said that in this way, writers would be connected to others like them.

“It creates a large network of people across the country,” Levine said, mentioning that writers interested in journalism or communications could look at working for a local chapter of Her Campus as an important step toward breaking into the magazine scene.

“Nationally it’s growing at such a huge level,” Levine said in reference to Her Campus’ overall growth and increased level of dedication from its writers.

The UConn section of Her Campus, a Tier II organization, meets every Wednesday night at 7 p.m. in room 344 of the Austin Building.

Anokh Palakurthi is associate life editor for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at anokh.palakurthi@uconn.edu. He tweets @DC_Anokh.

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