Dr. Love M.D.: Nathan Colegrove is looking for romance


Nathan Colegrove is single and ready to mingle. He describes himself as a mostly relaxed person, always open for finding new activities to do and staying away from being judgmental. (Anokh Palakurthi/The Daily Campus)

Eighth-semester environmental sciences major Nathan Colegrove, from Bristol describes himself as “a romantic,” pop culture fan and concert junkie — and he’s single, looking toward the future after college.

Currently he doesn’t really do any specific extracurricular activities on campus, though Colegrove said he used to be part of the Wildlife Society before he stopped attending meetings. Because of entering college with several credits, Colegrove is taking only two classes and therefore has a lot of free time to do what he wants, mentioning how he currently works as a food runner for the Willimantic Brewing Company.

Naturally, this makes Colegrove a huge television aficionado. Describing himself as a chronic “binger on Netflix,” along with other programs, he said his favorite shows include “Game of Thrones,”  “Breaking Bad,” “Hell on Wheels” and “Black Sails.”

Colegrove is also a big fan of alternative, rock and even folk music — though he said he didn’t like hearing “anything on the radio because it’s basically three songs.” Later this week, he is going to see Cage the Elephant perform, though Colegrove said concert-going was a recent habit he started to pick up because of his free time. When he was younger, Colgrove actually picked up guitar for a little bit, while in college he picked up trying out the ukelele.

However, when talking about what he’d like to change about himself, Colgrove said he wished he was a little more outgoing. Though he said he enjoyed hanging around with friends and even heading to the bar, he isn’t much for dancing or meeting people in large-scale interactions like at Huskies.

“I’m trying to find more productive things to do than watching TV shows all the time,” Colgrove said.

When it comes to the dating life, Colegrove was reserved in his response, mentioning that he viewed dating as a long-term prospect — and that it took a long time for him to get comfortable with the idea of being romantically involved someone, though he said it was only because he thought of it as a commitment.

Colegrove said there was only one girl he was ever seriously interested in through college so far, but he was already friends with her and starting developing feelings for her after a while. Unfortunately, their relationship did not get too serious or last long, but Colegrove said he learned a lot from his experience with her.

When asked about what he thought the best part of his personality was, Colegrove said that he thought he was a mostly relaxed person, always open for finding new activities to do and staying away from being judgmental.

However, Colgrove admitted that despite his mostly open attitude with talking to other people, he still sometimes gets jealous of other guys when they’re with women he likes. He also said that the most difficult part of being single came from not having a committed companion to be with.

“Even if you say you don’t want a relationship, you still want some kind of companion,” Colgrove said.

That said, despite sometimes feeling like he lacks a companion, Colgrove still enjoys being single in the end.

“There’s no restrictions or rules — and obviously rules come with being in a relationship,” Colgrove said. “The routine can also stop you from interacting with people as much as you would like to.”

“It’s about being able to do what you want,” Colgrove said. 

Anokh Palakurthi is associate life editor for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at anokh.palakurthi@uconn.edu. He tweets @DC_Anokh.

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