South’s game room closed after pool tables damaged


Pool tables at the South Campus Game Room in Rome Commons have been closed due to damaged pool tables. The game room will be open later in the week. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

The game room in Rome Hall has been closed since Friday, April 1, because of damages of the space’s four pool tables.

“All four tables have been moved around enough that the legs on them have loosened and been damaged,” said James Albuquerque, South Campus’s manager for building services.

The room will be re-open this week once the tables are removed, Albuquerque said, so they can be replaced.

Building services closed the room “due to pool tables being unsafe,” Albuquerque said. The damages could have posed risks to students if they were not caught sooner.

“The concern is for the safety of the students and others who use the space,” said Albuquerque.

None of the tables were damaged enough to fall or cause collateral damage to the rest of the game room. Albuquerque said that the closure was a preventative measure.

Building services will get rid of the damaged pool tables and eventually replace them with new ones.

Albuquerque said that the tables will not be repaired. No dates were announced for when the new tables will arrive.

The damage was not caused by any single event. Therefore, it was not caused by any individual or group of individuals specifically, so no punitive actions are being followed through.

As the equipment is expensive, damages to these shared spaces raises concern for student accountability.

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