Chef Master Supreme: Cooking up green curry chicken in coconut cream sauce


This week’s recipe spices things up with a tripe so easy you’ll want to make it all the time. It is the college version of a recipe that can be quite hard, but when places like Home Goods and Marshall’s sell pre-made spice mixes for a bargain, it’s hard to pass up on the opportunity to wow a crowd while doing very little.

You will need:

– Boneless chicken strips

– One onion

– Green curry spices (available at your local grocery store, or Home Goods)

– One cup of coconut milk (or condensed coconut milk in a can)

– One cup of heavy cream

– Your favorite rice (I prefer brown rice, but that’s entirely up to you!)

Start by cutting up half the onion into small pieces and sautéing it over medium heat with some olive oil or coconut oil. Once they become transparent, add the chicken, pre-chopped into small pieces and cooking them over medium heat. Add the green curry spices to the chicken, along with some salt and pepper. Cook until the meat starts getting some golden edges. If you’re using condensed coconut milk, add about half the can and let it melt until it becomes fully liquid. Add your heavy cream and cook over low heat until it starts bubbling. Add some more green curry spices to your liking. 

Let everything simmer for 10-15 minutes over low heat. Cook some rice in the meantime. Serve the meat and sauce hot over the rice and enjoy!

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