Dr. Love: Sports fan navigates the college playing field


Dani Kosinski, a long-time sports fan, pictured with Associate Life Editor Anokh Palakurthi, jokes her ideal date would include a trip to a Giants or Yankees game. (Zhelun Lang/Daily Campus)

If you only have the chance to talk to eighth-semester communications major Dani Kosinski about one thing, make that thing sports. Kosinski is a die-hard New York Giants fan, as well as a fan of the New York Yankees, the New York Rangers and other New York teams. Her favorite athletes are Odell Beckham Jr., Eli Manning, Clayton Kershaw and Mike Trout. 

“I always loved sports while growing up,” Kosinski said. Her dream job would be working in public relations for a professional sports team. Part of her love of sports stems from her family and game days were often spent bonding with her brother and father. Her own time on the court added to the attraction–Kosinski played varsity volleyball in high school.

She currently interns at the Traveler’s Championship, a job centered on planning a professional golf tournament. While she’s a big fan of her internship, she’s not sure if she wants to stay in Connecticut much longer.

I always loved sports while growing up.
— Dani Kosinski

Hailing from Westport, Connecticut and an alumni of Staples High School, Kosinski hopes to travel more after she graduates college. She’s watched her siblings jump into post-grad life in new places like Los Angeles and Houston, and while she admits she hasn’t started applying for jobs yet, she admires their new adventures.

UConn has had it’s own adventures for Kosinski. She’s grateful for the diversity she found here, especially compared to her hometown. As a fairly affluent and largely white town, Kosinski described Westport as quite a small-town bubble.

A sister of Delta Zeta sorority (now unrecognized on UConn’s campus) and a four-time participant in HuskyTHON, it’s easy to pick up on Kosinski’s outgoing attitude and social adeptness.

She describes her ideal day as lazy hours spent with friends (most of whom are her sorority sisters) and then a typical college night, meeting up with other friends and going to a party or bar. She jokes that her proudest moment at UConn came just recently when she and her friends hit the trifecta, visiting the Final Pour, Ted’s and Huskies all in one night. 

Kosinski has been on an actual date once, to Geno’s, but she said her ideal date would involve sports: unsurprisingly, to a Giants or a Yankees game. She mentioned that she’d actually prefer her date to root for the other team. It would give her a sense for “the bad and ugly,” Kosinski said.

Akin to the culture of casual dating that defines her generation, Kosinski has never been in a serious relationship. She added that, on a personal level, she does sometimes wonder when she’ll meet someone that’ll be a good fit for her.

However, she also said that most of the pressure comes from outside forces and not so much her own stresses. As is common of her age, elderly relatives and family friends constantly ask her if there’s a man in the picture. She often sees friends stressing out about being single, and while she understands the stress, she’s happy to have time for herself.

“When the guy comes along, that’d be great, but I’m trying not to sweat it,” Kosinski said.  

Anokh Palakurthi is associate life editor for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at anokh.palakurthi@uconn.edu. He tweets @DC_Anokh.

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