Progress Report: “The Division” stays fresh with “Incursion” downloadable content


“Tom Clancy’s the Division” has held up in the time since its release. (Courtesy/

The CDC’s worst nightmare comes true when infectious disease induces anarchy in Manhattan in the world of “Tom Clancy’s The Division.”

After a pandemic of smallpox calls for the activation of a sleeper agent task force called The Division, the group is tasked to restore the government that has been dismantled, but not before the player protagonist Division agent discovers some rather disturbing truths about the conflict that threatens to wipe out the human race.

Ubisoft’s latest third-person shooter launched on March 8. By this time, many have cleared the early game content, reached level 30 and headed into the Dark Zone, the area in which the end-game content takes place and offers the highest tier of loot attainable in the game. One month after the game launch, Ubisoft released new content to some scrutiny.

Released April 12, the incursion update came with an exploit that allowed players to bypass a boss fight by passing through a wall in the game’s Falcon Lost mission. This glitch has fans of the game upset thanks to some statements from Ubisoft about the issue.

What has players on edge is that on April 15, the Community Manager of Ubisoft, Natchai Strappers, posted a link in the TCTD community forums after also posting “We are working on fixing the exploit. Obviously it is against our Code of Conduct and the team is looking into what can be done in terms of punishment for those who have exploited.”

The Code of Conduct warns players against cheating, reading, mentioning that “exploitation of any new or known issues or bugs is forbidden and may result in account suspension or revocation.” 

While it appears that Ubisoft has the grounds to execute some kind of punishment, the real question is will they? 

Players agree to adhere to the code of conduct, otherwise they cannot play the game. Previous to this issue, Xbox One players who have been experiencing poor gameplay conditions have been compensated with 500 phoenix credits, so it isn’t outside of Ubisoft’s ability to do something to make up for shortcomings.

These two instances are different, but they both speak to the attitudes of Ubisoft and what the developers are capable of doing for the sake maintaining the game so that its enjoyment is continued.

While I have not personally gotten into The Dark Zone yet, this is potentially a huge problem for Ubisoft because players are progressing through content faster than planned. Additionally this has overshadowed other aspects of the content release, which includes the first appearance of gear sets, gear score, trading and Dark Zone supply drops. One can only hope that Ubisoft keeps its players in mind as decisions are made on what to do about the game glitch.

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