Athlete Spotlight: Getting to know UConn Softball’s Alyson Ambler


UConn softball senior first baseman Alyson Ambler. (Tyler Benton/The Daily Campus)

Alyson Ambler is a senior first baseman for the UConn softball team. The Walla Walla, Washington native is among the team leaders in almost all offensive categories and has established herself as a dangerous middle-of-the-order threat.

Ambler is batting .284 with an impressive .378 on-base percentage so far this season. She is tied for the team lead with three home runs and her 46 total bases are second on the team, behind only shortstop Lexi Gifford.

We caught up with Ambler to find out a little bit more about her life on and off the field.

Aaron Esposito: What’s your major and why?

Alyson Ambler: HDFS with a concentration on early childhood education. Both of my parents were teachers and I want to be a teacher. I like little kids; I think they’re fun and it’s enjoyable to be around them.

If you could play another sport at UConn, what would it be?

Probably volleyball cause it’s the least amount of running. 

Did you play in high school?

No, I’ve never played volleyball in my life. I played soccer, but it’s just so much running.

Do you have any pregame rituals?

I’m not superstitious, so I like to mess up the chalk line because it drives people nuts.

Do you have a favorite athlete?

I’m a big fan of Robinson Cano and I like Russell Wilson, because I’m from that area.

Any favorite musical artists?

Not one in particular, I listen to everything.

Do you have a favorite place to eat at UConn?

The Co-op café.

Favorite movie?

The Breakfast Club.

Favorite TV show?

I like Impractical Jokers.

Do you have any pets?

Yea I have two dogs, two yellow labs.

If you won the lottery today, what would you buy?

I would definitely buy an island, because I have a boat so I’d use my boat on the island.

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