UConn should minimize available parking reductions


UConn recently announced that available parking in S-Lot, a parking lot behind South Campus dorms, would be reduced due to construction over the summer. Given the limited parking that is available to students and the difficulty many have in finding spots to park, the university should do all it can to minimize the harmful effects this construction might have on students.

As reported in The Daily Campus, the university plans to replace the flooring in a part of the Fine Arts building adjoining S-Lot, requiring a fence to be constructed across S-Lot and greatly reducing available parking in that lot.

Of course, UConn must maintain campus buildings and this work requires some inconvenient closures. Yet the university must make an effort to ensure that these inconveniences last as little time as possible. They should also be scheduled for times in which students are least likely to be negatively impacted.

For example, the university should not stop issuing parking passes until absolutely necessary. If work is to begin over the summer, parking should not be reduced in the spring before that work begins. It does not make sense to maintain empty parking spaces when they are not yet required to be empty.

Scheduling this type of work for the summer, when parking on campus is in much lower demand, is a wise decision. The much lower number of students on campus makes it less likely that anyone will be negatively impacted by the closure of S-Lot.

This being said, every effort should be made to conclude the work before the beginning of the fall term. While time over the summer is limited, it should be used to maximum advantage. The project should proceed expeditiously, striving to complete the maintenance before students return in the fall. This means the work should begin as early as possible, ideally mid-May.

Should students return in the fall to find restricted parking in S-Lot, several students living in South Campus dorms would be deeply inconvenienced, having to park in distant parking lots or accept parking tickets.

While sometimes students must be mildly inconvenienced as a university campus strives to accomplish necessary maintenance and construction work, the university should make sure that they are not unnecessarily inconvenienced. With the availability of university parking so scarce as it is, UConn should make sure that reductions to parking are as limited as possible.

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