Graduates guide to finals week


Finals week: the last home stretch before the glory of summer vacation. Everyone is looking forward to it. Some students are excited not only because of summer, but because it is their last finals week.

The life section at The Daily Campus asked graduating seniors how they have handled finals week throughout their undergraduate career. They offer advice to students about their best study habits and share how they got through finals week.

“Flashcards. And ice cream. That’s what gets me through every semester,” said Nathan Wojtyna, a horticulture and resource economics double major.

Everyone handles finals week differently. Hanna Nagy, a political science and human rights major, advises making to-do lists and taking “15 minute active breaks.”

“Go for a walk, play some Frisbee or catch. Sit outside for a few minutes enjoying the nice weather and fresh air,” she said. “Keep an open mind, breathe, do what you can and relish in the fact that it is the last assignment you have to do for the class.”

Ian Garcia, a biomedical engineering major, said his study habits include rewriting all his notes out by hand.

“The physical act of handwriting helps a lot. Also, even though finals week is stressful, it’s very important to remember to eat and get some rest,” Garcia said.

Without a doubt, finals are stressful for many students. But finals for freshman and finals for seniors are different. These seniors shared how they feel about finals now compared to how they felt their freshman year.

Wojtyna said that since freshman year, his study skills have become more efficient.

“I would learn everything obsessively (but then realized) that I need to learn the concepts and how to apply them,” he said. “The hours it takes to study went down because I knew how to study more efficiently.”

Santorini Rivera, a psychology, encourages students to do their best.

“Freshman year I didn’t really know what finals were going to be like or how I was going to study for them,” Rivera said.

“Since then, I have learned that every final is different, some are easier than others, and the goal is to try your best. Even if I don’t do well on an exam, I understand that I won’t master every single class I take, and that’s okay as long as I honestly do my best,” she said.

Veejay Strama, a finance major, tells students that it is just finals week.

“Sometimes that week sucks and sometimes it’s a breeze. But it’ll pass eventually so put the work and effort in and relax afterwards,” Strama said. 

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