‘Orange is the New Black’ returns for a season 4


Moderate spoilers

The long awaited “Orange is the New Black” returned on Friday for its fourth season, bringing back familiar characters and a whole slew of new problems.

The first episode picks up where season three left off, with a lack of correctional officers, a hole in the fence and a swim in the lake.

“Work That Body For Me,” tells us a few things about Alex. We learn that she has compassion and remorse, even when she’s forced to do a dirty deed. I’m expecting this one to come back and bite her, though. Amazingly, we see Crazy Eyes learn that there are inmates crazier than she is. The first episode was weak, serving to refresh our memories and introduce new characters.

Episode two, “Power Suit,” puts the whole season in motion. After Blanca points out that the new inmates will no longer make Dominicans the minority, we see part of Maria’s backstory as it relates to race relations. At first, Maria wants to deescalate any inmate conflicts, but soon rethinks that stance.

I know I’m not the only one who thinks this, but can Piper go away already? I cannot feel empathy for her. She needs to ease off her macho attitude that she picked up in the last few episodes of season three and realize she’s just like everybody else. Flaca tells the new inmates that she’s the HBIC (head b**** in charge) around the prison, in hopes that a violent newbie will take her out. Will this actually happen? I’m praying.

Pennsatucky, one of my new favorites since season three, worries about Maritza driving the van with Coates, the CO who assaulted her. Maritza laughs Pennsatucky off, but the audience feels for the trauma that plagues Pennsatucky.

Who will take care of Daya’s baby? A depressing, but not surprising misfortunate affects the family, leaving Daya, her baby and her mom in limbo.

Tensions will be high as the season progresses. As usual, the subplots and backstories will push the season along. Will Caputo hire veterans as COs? Will Sophia return? Will new, celebrity, inmate Judy King be as friendly as she is on her cooking shows? Will an all-out race war ensue? This season of Orange looks promising.

Claire Galvin is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at claire.galvin@uconn.edu.

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