Huskies Abroad: Taking Tanzania (Photo Gallery)


My name is Amar Batra and I’m spending this summer in Tanzania. I’m working in conjunction with an education start-up, 1Room, and The Olive Branch for Children. 1Room seeks to improve the scores of students on exams by providing an English as a Second Language curriculum as a supplement to their normal school learning. 

One of the most interesting parts of my summer was the weekend volunteers and interns working and living at the Olive Branch Children took a break from our work to travel to Ruaha National Park for a safari experience. These photos, taken on June 12, 2016, show our time at the national park. 

Ruaha National Park is located in the Iringa Region of Tanzania and is the second largest of Tanzania’s national parks. The park is home to many species of animals including elephants, lions, impala, hippopotamuses and giraffes.

Amar Batra is a contributor to the Daily Campus opinion section, and is also a staff photographer. He can be reached via email at He tweets @amar_batra19.


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