Gearing up for Fall: Storrs fashion essentials


The UConn Bookstore has the key to any successful wardrobe: UConn apparel. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

Having to choose which items from your wardrobe back home to pack up and bring with you to college is never an easy task. You don’t want to take your entire closet with you, but you also don’t want to be underdressed for a specific occasion or not have the right clothes for the weather.

Like with most of New England, the weather at the UConn has a mind of its own, and can be rather spontaneous. In the span of a week it can go from 65 degrees and sunny to a snowstorm. To prepare yourself for the next four years in Storrs, you might want to invest in these fashion essentials if you haven’t already.

Waterproof boots

Boots on their own are a fashion staple for the Northeast, but it’s important to invest in a pair that will keep your feet warm and dry during the days of snow and rain. A favorite by all are the L.L. Bean duck boot. Depending on the style you get it can cost anywhere between $109 to a little over $200. But the great thing about L.L. Bean is that all their products are lifetime warranty. Another popular boot choice is the Hunter Rain Boots (retail about $150), they’re also available for purchase at the UConn bookstore.

Rain jacket

Do yourself a favor and ditch the umbrella. Campus is situated in a wind tunnel and that umbrella will not last long with how powerful and gusty the winds get. Your best bet to stay dry is with a good jacket.

Winter coat

The start of the spring semester in January will be some of the most dreadful 2-3 months when it comes to trekking around campus. Sure snow is fun, but not when you have to walk to class in it (which will happen). Unlike in high school, you’re chances of getting a snow day in college is pretty close to nonexistent. To survive the brutal winter season get yourself a thick down jacket like from brands like North Face and Patagonia.

Knit headband or earmuffs

Another winter must-have accessory to protect those ears from hypothermia is the knit headband or earmuffs. As I mentioned, the winters here are brutal and with negative degree wind chills your ears will actually start to hurt if they are not covered up.

Good pair of walking shoes

This should be obvious, and if it’s not don’t fool yourself. This campus is rather large and the buses are not always reliable so you’ll always want to be wearing shoes that won’t end up killing your feet. Choose a pair of fashion forward sneakers, moccasins for the colder months or even get some Dr. Scholl’s inserts to make that cute new pair of heeled boots a little more comfortable.

UConn gear

This is another obvious one, if there’s one thing that UConn prides itself for it is school spirit. Aside from all the free t-shirts you’ll end up collecting at various events on campus, stock up on all things UConn from the bookstore. You don’t want to be that one-person repping another college on campus.

Angie DeRosa is the life editor for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at  She tweets @theangiederosa.

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