The 7 best food hubs every UConn student should know


Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza is located at 12 Royce Circle, across the street from The Oaks on the Square apartment complex and the liquor store, Storrs Wine and Spirits. (Jason Jiang/The Daily Campus)

Every student knows the feeling when you’ve spent hours studying in the library or your dorm room, working hard on your latest assignment or scrolling through Twitter and then it hits you. That intense yearning you cannot deny: hunger. You’re out of snacks and dining hall food is just not cutting it for ya.

But don’t fret, here’s a list of the best go-to spots around campus so you can finish binge watching your favorite show on Netflix and not leave your room because let’s face it, food just tastes better in bed.

1. Insomnia Cookies

Ice cream cookie sandwich for dessert!! #insomniacookies #foodporn #dessert

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A classic college staple, there is nothing like a fresh out of the oven cookie oozing with chocolate to get you through that all-nighter. Some of their other flavors include snickerdoodle, double chocolate chunk, m&m and my personal favorite white chocolate macadamia nut. The most important tip to remember: do not forget the milk!

2. Sgt. Pepperoni

Ah, pizza. One of the few foods that can please everyone in the room. There are MANY pizza joints scattered around UConn but don’t be fooled, they cannot compete with Sgt. Peps.

3. D.P. Dough

D.P. Dough is a UConn favorite for food after bedtime (they’re open until 4am on the weekends). You haven’t lived until you’ve had a calzone from here, seriously it’s that good. Any filling you can think of, D.P. Dough most likely has it.

4. Randy’s Wooster St. Pizza Shop

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Now, Randy’s Wooster St. may be known for their pizza (which is also pretty good), my favorite item on the menu is Heather’s Heavenly Fries; a heaping mound of fries drenched in cheddar cheese.

5. Chang’s Garden

There’s no better feeling than laying in bed with your favorite movie on and opening your carton of lo mein with a side of rice and maybe an egg roll. For all you vegetarians out there, Chang’s has the best tofu you could ask for.

6. H.A. Cafe

Quick sushi lunch in lab. Love the chopstick wrappers. #HAcafe #bubbletea

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H.A. Cafe is famously known for their Husky Bowl and assortment of bubble tea. Their menu is super customizable so you only get what you want. Other good things on their menu include the rangoons, dumplings and the freshest sushi in Storrs.

7. Blaze Pizza

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Blaze Pizza isn’t like any kind of pizza you’ve ever had before. They don’t call it the Chipotle version of pizza for nothing. You can literally build your own personal pizza from scratch using the freshest ingrediants. You choose the dough, sauce and toppings and watch it all happen in front of you. The best part of all? It only takes 3 minutes for your pizza to be made.

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