Restaurant Review: Tea More Café offers warm atmosphere


Tea more café opened in the spring, offering Storrs a wide-range of menu options. (Mingze Geng/The Daily Campus)

Tea more café opened this past spring, and today I went with a friend to try it. The staff was friendly and greeted us right when we walked in. They were helpful with explaining the menu, describing each item and what is included with each meal. There is currently a promotion until September 1 where customers can buy one milk tea and get one free.  

The menu includes a range of options from appetizers of edamame to crab rangoon, salads, ma la tang (spicy noodle soup with mixed vegetables) and meal boxes, which come with broccoli, a spring roll and white or fried rice with your choice of meat.

The café is also known for its tea, which includes iced, flower, fruit and milk tea. I ordered the iced mango fruit tea, edamame and a meal box with white rice and sweet and sour shrimp, which came to a total of $20. My friend indulged in crab rangoon and a meal box with white rice and tofu, which was about $15.

The tea was refreshing and sweet, and the edamame was lightly salted for more flavor. The shrimp was fresh and covered in sweet and sour sauce on top of the rice. On the side of the meal box was some broccoli and a small spring roll. The crab rangoon was good, but the tofu was not at its best, according to the friend I dined with. Neither of us finished our meals because we were slightly disappointed.

A meal box with white rice and sweet and sour shrimp. (Megan Krementowski/The Daily Campus)

The restaurant’s atmosphere is bright and relaxed. The tables are adorned with small succulent plants and have a light wood finish. In all honesty, my experience at Tea more café was fairly mediocre and I probably will not go back. The food was fine, but I would prefer to go to other restaurants that offer more Asian cuisine in the Storrs area before going to this restaurant.

TL;DR: Grade, C+. The food and atmosphere were alright and the staff was welcoming, but for the price, there are better options.

Megan Krementowski is associate life editor for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at


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