Bee hive, meet lighter fluid: Five fire trucks respond to Carriage apartment fire


The exit of Carriage Townhouse Apartments, located on Hunting Lodge Road, was surrounded by firetrucks and first responders after a fire broke out on Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2016. This file photo shows the townhouses during winter. (File Photo/The Daily Campus)

A fire broke at Carriage House Townhomes Tuesday night after residents threw lighter fluid at a nest of bees located inside the apartment. No injuries or hospitalizations were reported according to Deputy Chief and Fire Marshal Francis Raiola.

“One of the occupants in the process of fleeing sprayed lighter fluid at the bees, which hit the wall and caused the flames from the grill to ignite the lighter fluid,” Raiola said, adding that the occupants would not be able to come back to their apartment for about a week. “Occupants of both apartments affected will work with property managers to get temporary housing,” he said.

The property manager and occupants declined the opportunity to comment.

Five fire trucks and two ambulances were called to the scene following a 911 call made at 6:41 p.m, including the Mansfield fire department, UConn fire department and several others within the area, Raiola said. The house contains four units, and each housing about four residents.

Raiola said the apartments affected would temporarily be vacated since the fire damaged the access to electricity and running water.

“Because the fire was behind the exterior brick and inside the wall, firefighters had to breach the brick to get at the wall to extinguish it,” Raiola said, emphasizing that it was accomplished quickly. “This resulted in minor damage to the structure, but the damage was contained to the exterior wall and the adjacent kitchen areas.”

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