Confessions of a Fashionista: Beyonce rolls up with Blue Ivy and slays


Beyonce accepts the award for best female video for “Hold Up” at the MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden on Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016, in New York. (Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

One thing that almost always remains true about the Video Music Awards is that something crazy will always go down- whether it’s Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift mid-acceptance speech or Madonna and Britney Spears making out on-stage. The same undoubtedly applies for the red carpet, as the VMAs rival the GRAMMY Awards in the risks that celebrities take with their outfits. Some are successful and others are a major fail.

Starting with the failures, I can honestly say this year they weren’t too hard to spot. Cassie, I’m looking at you with that highlighter-yellow hair color. Seriously, no one has heard a song from you since 2006 (“Me & U” is always a crowd-pleaser), but was that really necessary? Besides that, the only other major faux pas I noticed was Dascha Polanco (Daya on Orange is the New Black). She wore a pair of bedazzled denim jeans and cobalt blue top with a train that honestly could’ve been mistaken as a cape; it was that long.

Although some people couldn’t pull it together for the red carpet this year, others completely slayed the game. Beyoncé rolled up with her mini-me/daughter, Blue Ivy, completely decked out from head to toe in a Francesco Scognamiglio wedding dress and it was epic. No matter what she wears she always manages to make a statement, but this year she raised the bar with her newest album Lemonade and killed it both on stage with her performance, as well as her style.

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Moving on from the queen herself, we have the literal king and queen of the VMAs. Kimye, always down for a scandal while still looking stylish doing it. Earlier in the day Kim Kardashian ran a twitter poll for her VMA look giving followers the options of a “Casual Chill Look” or “Dressy Sexy Look”. Ultimately, the “Dressy Sexy Look” won and she showed up in what looked like a literal bathing suit, and, of course, wet hair to complete the look. I think the only person who could manage to pull this off is the infamous Kim K. Beside her was her hubby, Kanye West, who looked effortlessly trendy in his all-white look with a t-shirt subtly promoting his controversial song “Famous”.

This year the VMA guest list not only included celebrities, but Olympians as well and, let me tell you, it was amazing. Michael Phelps wearing a casual pair of jeans with a black jacket and sneakers, and his fiancé rocking a flawless black jumpsuit were couple goals on the red carpet. The only thing missing was their adorable baby, Boomer. Alongside them were the fabulous U.S. gymnastics team, each showcasing their personal style rather than rocking those stunning leotards!

All in all, the VMAs were a total success full of long speeches, courtesy of Kanye West and ridiculous performances thanks to Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande, who have all set the bar to a whole new level, both on stage and on the red carpet.

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