Blink-182 rocks out in Hartford


The Xfinity Theater in Hartford, Conn. was crowded with people eager to immerse themselves in nostalgia with Blink-182’s latest leg of their tour. In order to promote their newest album “California” Blink-182 has been touring with bands like A Day to Remember, All Time Low and DJ Snake. On September 2, the lawn of the Xfintity Theater was packed with people of all ages, filling the air with excitement for the show to come.

As the venue began to fill up, DJ Snake was the first to take the stage. His performance began before the show had officially started, getting the audience excited for the upcoming performances. DJ Snake primarily played remixes of different songs, ranging from early 2000s pop to the latest rock and hip hop. At 8 p.m., DJ Snake was replaced by pop punk band All Time Low. All Time Low opened the show with “Lost in Stereo” from their 2009 album “Nothing Personal.” They played a total of nine songs, engaging the audience between each number with witty banter between bandmates. Their set included songs like “Missing You,” which was their first and only song to ever be nominated for one of MTV’s coveted VMAs last month, and “Dear Maria, Count Me In,” which was certified gold when it was first released, making it one of the band’s most well-known songs.

When All Time Low’s set came to an end, they were replaced by A Day to Remember, who opened their set by blasting the theme music to “2001: A Space Odyssey” over the speakers, building excitement and setting the tone for the rest of their performance. The band was excited to announce that their latest album “Bad Vibrations” was released on that day. Near the end of their set, the band exchanged their electric guitars for acoustic ones in order to perform “If It Means A Lot To You,” and asked audience members to use their phones as flashlights, illuminating the dark lawn in a beautiful display.  A Day to Remember’s final song was “The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle” from their album “For Those Who Have Heart.”

It was finally time for Blink-182 to take the stage. They started the show with some of their classic hits like “Feeling This,” “What’s My Age Again?,” “The Rock Show” and the short song that packs a punch “Family Reunion.” Audience members sang the song lyrics at the top of their lungs, taking everyone back to the early 2000s. As the set went on, Blink- 182 played some songs off their latest album “California” like “Cynical,” “Built This Pool” and the hit “Bored to Death.” They slowed down the fast pace rock show for songs like “I Miss You” and “Stay Together For the Kids.” Between songs, Mark Hoppus was eager to introduce Matt Skiba, who had recently joined the band in 2015 after the departure of founding member Tom DeLonge, to the audience. They ended the set with the song “Los Angeles” from “California.” As soon as the song ended the crowd broke out into chants and cheers for an encore, and the band soon returned to the stage and performed the songs “Carousel,” “Brohemian Rhapsody,” their hit song “All the Small Things” and ended the show with “Dammit.”

Once the show was officially over, everyone hurried out of the Xfinity Theater to their cars in the hope of avoiding the inevitable traffic jam that was to come. DJ Snake, All Time Low, A Day to Remember and Blink-182 put on a fantastic show full of energy and emotion – a show that I am sure will stick with all of those in attendance for a long time.

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