YouTube star offers message of positivity


Rachel “Bunny” Meyer, also known as Grav3yardgirl, is one of the most popular YouTubers on the face of the Earth. With over seven million subscribers, you can say that she definitely has a presence on camera. Although her YouTube name sounds a bit scary, she is actually one of the sweetest people you could ever watch on a screen.  

Meyer created her YouTube channel in 2010 with the intent to share her paranormal experiences with the world. Besides the paranormal, Meyer was also experiencing a rough time in her life, her grandfather had just passed away and her anxiety was a constant a battle.

In hopes of changing her life around and becoming the true ‘Bunny’ we see today, Meyer decided to revamp her channel into something more positive for herself and, in turn, her channel created a safe haven for her supporters, or as she would like to call them, ‘Swamp Family Members.’

Today, Meyer’s channel consists of a variety of videos such as one of her most popular series ‘Does This Thing Really Work?’ where she purchases products and then tests them out. These products range from beauty to entertainment.

Another popular series is ‘First Impression Fridays’, where she purchases specific products-mostly beauty related and gives her immediate thoughts on them. Most of Meyer’s subscribers enjoy her ‘Tea Vlogs’ because that is when they get to see her in her most natural form. Usually it consists of Meyer recording in a car with an iPhone about how much she loves Starbucks sweet tea.

Although Meyer suffers from depression and anxiety, she never lets that get in the way of her creativity. In March of this year, she collaborated with Beautycon to create her own beauty box filled with products she thought her supporters would enjoy.

In May, Meyer also released her first makeup palette inspired by none other than her Swamp Family Members. It would be no surprise if Meyer has another beauty product-project in the works.

Meyer’s channel is thought to be a safe haven for many people looking to spend a few minutes away from the troubles of the world. She makes it her business to ensure that her channel is a positive space for all. Meyer’s channel is recommended for anyone who likes humorous and beauty related videos.

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