Ron G keeps audience laughing at SUBOG’s latest event


Hilarity ensued Wednesday night when Ron G took the stage in the Student Union Theater. Ron G was a finalist on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” and Bill Bellamy’s “Whose Got Jokes?” Ron G’s performance, with the help of two hilarious student comedians, here at UConn showed that his comedic chops more than lived up to expectations.

The show started with student comedian Scott Bosco, who opened his set with a “UConn Huskies” chant, political humor and some hilarious thoughts about dinosaur chicken nuggets.

After Bosco, another UConn student, Pete Carcia, took the stage. Carcia made a slew of pop culture references, talking about hit shows like “Friends,” “How I Met Your Mother” and poking fun at “The Bachelorette.” He ended his set by joking about UConn’s beloved sports teams.

Ron G was up next and he began his set by praising his opening acts for their performances.

He covered a variety of topics like friendships, relationships, marriage and family. He had the crowd roaring with laughter as he theatrically acted out post-breakup “neck tears,” during which Ron cried into the microphone and dramatically slid down a wall in a comedic display of emotion. This went on for several minutes, but the audience remained engaged throughout the entire performance.

Ron G continued the theme of relationships by joking about a cringe-worthy wedding he had recently been to, claiming that divine intervention attempted to stop the marriage. After he described each awkward moment, he channeled God and repeatedly shouted “SIGN” into the microphone, which caused the audience to break out into laughter.

Several times throughout the show, Ron G showed off his acting chops by depicting women during the different stages of a relationship.

Towards the end, the show became interactive when he asked the women in the audience if there was anything they wanted to know about men, and several women asked him questions ranging from “why don’t guys ever talk about their feelings?” to “why do men sleep with their hands in their pants?”

A technical difficulty forced him to cut his final joke short, but this did not retract from the overall performance.

“I came here not knowing the guy. I’m walking out loving him. I’m definitely going to look him up,” seventh-semester computer science and engineering major German Cutz said.

Judging by the audience’s reaction to Ron G’s performance, it is evident that Cutz was not the only audience member who is glad they came to SUBOG’s latest comedy show.

Ron ended the show on a more serious note by telling the audience to do what they love, and reminded everyone that they should enjoy their college years.

After his farewell, he stayed afterwards to take pictures with his new fans. Ron G can be followed on twitter at: @ComedianRonG.

Lauren Brown is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at



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