Trespassing on Depot Campus leads to arrest


On Friday, Sept. 3, two students were arrested for trespassing onto the Knight Hospital on Depot Campus. Last year there were six similar cases at Knight Hospital and other buildings on Depot Campus. (Zhelun Lang/The Daily Campus)

Two students were arrested last Friday night after trespassing onto the Knight Hospital on Depot Campus and it seems to be a relatively rare occurrence.

Karissa Flanders, 19, and Rachel Gallogly, 19, both of Norwich, Connecticut were arrested after officers noticed two empty cars that were parked near Knight Hospital, an area that individuals do not usually park, according to the arrest log.

The officers used the public announcement microphone on their vehicle to find the owners of the cars, according to the log.

“Shortly after two individuals [Flanders and Gallogly] emerged from the fenced off area to the rear of Knight Hospital…” according to the log.

Both were charged with criminal trespass and interfering with an officer, after denying to officers that there were no others in the fenced off area when indeed there was.

The area that they were in has several “visible” signs that read “No Trespassing”, University of Connecticut police Captain Scott Sleeman said.

Last year there were six similar cases at Knight Hospital and other buildings on Depot Campus, he said.

“Trespassing in this area does not follow any pattern for students and or non-students as the numbers are about the same for those groups,” Sleeman said.

One reason for the relatively low number of trespassing cases in the area may be contributed to the prevention barriers. There are “No Tresspassing” signs and an 8-foot tall chain link fence that surrounds the building, he said.

Even the condition that the building is in should be signs that the “the building is not something that should be entered,” Sleeman said.

“Knight Hospital and some other buildings in the area have been posted and fenced for the health and safety of people who may want to explore the area,” he said.

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