American Horror Story theme is revealed, provokes ‘Roanoke Nightmare’


American Horror Story fans were excited for the first episode to be released on Wednesday night. The theme was supposed kept secret up until the showing, and the theme is still unclear, but there are hints to witch activity.

The time period is also unclear, but from the use of recent technology, it is implied that it could be modern.

This show starts off by saying it is based on a true story. It has the impression of real people narrating with actors playing their roles. They show teeth falling out of the sky and people trespassing with torches.

There are little things that connect the seasons, however. The show uses all of the same actors, who play a different role for each season. There is also some cross over. One character, Piper, is in the second and fourth season.

Season one is “Murder House.” This takes place in 2011 and is in a house where many murders have taken place. This season captures interest because the people who were murdered remain in the house as ghosts and terrorize the new house owners.

It follows a new family, while giving the backstories of all the past owners of the house in a complicated puzzle that encourages binge watching.

Season two is “Asylum.” This season goes back in time to 1964 in a mental institution for the criminally insane.

The story follows a reporter who found out too much and was detained in the hospital as a patient. This season has a murdering maniac, an unpredictable plot twist along and even introduces aliens.

Season three is “Coven.” This season jumps back to the present, landing in 2013. It follows the lives of the descendants of the women who survived the Salem Witch Trials.

The girls are taught how to use their powers at a school for witches while they are at war with gypsies. There is a power struggle as well as people coming together to defeat a common enemy.

Season four is “Freak Show.” This is another season that travel back in time, taking place in 1952.

This season shows the struggles of people living unusual lives include having a psychotic murderer on the loose.

Season five is “Hotel” and is set-in 2015.  These episodes are full of vampires and heroin addicts.

This season strays from the norm by being connected to the first and third seasons.

American Horry Story is a show like no other. At first glance, the seasons do not appear to be at all related to each other.

All of the topics sound strange, especially in their simplest form, but each season has a well thought out and complex story line that is compelling as well as puzzling.

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