Mansfield Town Hall prepares ballots for 90 percent turnout at the polls


In this March 21, 2016 file photo, an example of an early ballot collection box and demonstration of voting areas is set up ahead of the state’s Presidential Primary Election at the Maricopa County Recorder’s office in Phoenix. (Ryan Van Velzer/AP)

Mansfield’s Town Hall is working to ensure that there are enough ballots for the upcoming Presidential Election this November, and that voters who need absentee ballots get them in before the deadline.  

Last week, there was a problem with the candidates on the ballot, so the order of ballots had to be delayed, Mansfield Town Clerk Mary Stanton said. She said she hopes to order them next Monday September 26th.

To determine how many ballots are needed, Stanton looked at the voter turnout in the last four presidential elections and then added more to predict additional ballots for different situations.

Mansfield’s voter turnout during the last four elections was 79 percent, Stanton said.

For the upcoming election, Stanton said, she will order for a 90 percent turnout and then order about 2,000 more for same day registration.

So far, Stanton has emailed ballots to registered voters who are traveling or are located overseas for military reasons.

If someone is overseas but not registered, a ballot with options for president, senator and congressman will be emailed to them as long as Mansfield was the last place they lived, Stanton said.  

“In the 2012 election, we had approximately emailed 612 ballots to unregistered voters,” Stanton said. “Not all of those came back.”

If there are not enough ballots for voters, the Town Hall will copy and count them by hand. But Stanton said that should not be an issue.  

“We’re making sure that doesn’t happen,” said Stanton.

Additionally, absentee ballots can be requested for registered voters who cannot vote in their state or hometown, which can include students at the University of Connecticut.

Absentee ballots go to those who have military duties, illness, absence from the town during election day, physical disabilities, a religion that forbids non-religious activities on voting day, or if a person has performance duties as an election officer at a different polling place other than their own, according to

However, Mansfield does not get many absentee ballots, Stanton said.

Students that want to or need to fill out an absentee ballot must request it at their own home state or hometown.

Absentee ballots must get to the town hall by 8 p.m. on November 8th (Election Day) in order to count.

Students that want to or need to fill out an absentee ballot must request it at their own home state or hometown. Applications for absentee ballots can be downloaded at their state’s Secretary of State website.

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