Everything you need to know about the Emmy’s red carpet


The 68th Emmy awards took place this past Sunday night and like most red carpet awards, they were hot! Literally and figuratively, Los Angeles was a steaming 86 degrees Sunday night, for all our favorite celebrities to sway down the red carpet and defy nature by looking completely perfect (most of them anyway). Per usual there were some mishaps and epic fails but I guess not everyone can look amazing every time.



Starting with the failures, Sarah Hyland is the first that comes to mind. She showed up on Sunday rocking a two piece dress? Not sure what you would call the outfit that was complete with a train but whatever it was, it wasn’t red carpet material. She completed the look with what can only be described as business casual pants and Jimmy Choo heels. She normally kills the red carpet but for whatever reason couldn’t pull it together this year. At least we can always count on a good laugh (not at her wardrobe) on Modern Family.

Next on the ‘fails’ list was Amy Poehler, wearing a sparkly Pamela Roland gown that honestly made her look like Kermit the frog. The shade of green was okay at best and did absolutely nothing for her skin tone except wash her out and from the looks of it probably make her die of heat in the Los Angeles sun. The dress included some sort of top cape that looked extremely uncomfortable and wasn’t flattering whatsoever.

On to the last of the fails, Sofia Vergara. Normally I wouldn’t lump her into this category because per usual she looked beautiful. My criticism comes from the fact that she’s stopped taking risks, no different than any other red carpet, she showed up wearing a tight mermaid silhouette dress with cutouts showing off her flawless physique, paired together with her hair tightly slicked back into a ponytail with a dark red lip to give us a glimpse of her perfect tan. The cutouts on the dress seemed to cheapen the look while her ponytail and dark lip just gave us more of the same. I’m still waiting for her to give us something new.

Compared to those who didn’t look so hot at the Emmys this year, we have a way higher number of people who did nail it. Two Words. Kerry Washington! She was epic on this red carpet with her black Brandon Maxwell gown that perfectly showed off her pregnancy in the most chic outfit ever. She completely embodied her Scandal alter ego Olivia Pope while owning the red carpet.

Speaking of Olivia’s, maybe it’s a prerequisite for all Olivia’s to be style icons but Olivia Culpo absolutely nailed the futuristic minimalist aesthetic with her strapless Zac Posen number. It showed off her fantastic figure and it was the perfect amount of sheer without crossing into Kim Kardashian territory. 10/10 for the former Miss USA.

All in all this past Emmy season was one for the books, we saw extreme fashion goals while also enjoying the fails. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of red carpet season. Until the next red carpet event!

Michelle Marquez is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at michelle.marquez@uconn.edu.  

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