‘Big Bang’ is back!


(BagoGames/Flickr Creative Commons)

(BagoGames/Flickr Creative Commons)

Last Monday, Sheldon and his merry band came back for the 10th season of the Big Bang Theory. The last episode of the 9th season had finished with huge suspense: Sheldon’s mother and Leonard’s father going back to their hotel together. The first episode of this season consists mostly of jokes about the love/hate relationships between the characters, which could become a new family, and the possibility that Howard could be under the surveillance of the government.

Even though it is the 10th season, the Big Bang Theory hasn’t lost its humor and wit. Sheldon is as peculiar as ever, Howard still remains self-centered, while his wife acts as a dictator. But the biggest surprises in this episode involve Penny’s family. We finally meet her brother (who was in jail because he used to fabric meth) and her mother, who is trying to be as normal as possible and stating, “We are NOT white trash.”

To sum it up, the Big Bang Theory, which used to be the third most watched television show in America, has a bright future yet again for season 10.

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