Justin Clark brings laughter to UConn


Comedian Justin Clark entertained a crowd in the Student Union on Wednesday evening during a comedy show presented by SUBOG. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

Comedian Justin Clark entertained a crowd in the Student Union on Wednesday evening during a comedy show presented by SUBOG. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

Justin Clark amused students with his dark humor twist on relatable topics in the Student Union ballroom on Thursday evening.

The Los Angeles-based comedian received his first laughs from his dramatic traveling stories. Clark focused on the nonchalant way he is treated during his red-eye flights from California to the East Coast.

He described the pilots’ lack of concern for giving safety instructions at 5:30 in the morning as well as the flight attendants’ clear dread when it came to helping passengers. “It’s just middle-aged women who are very sad to see you,” he said.

A topic that gained a huge reaction from the audience was that of Uber drivers. Clark was open about his annoyance with friendly Uber drivers who try to have conversations with him during car rides, even when he clearly has headphones in. This alone led to murmurs and laughter from the audience, making it obvious that most have endured similar feelings of irritation while taking an Uber.

Clark also focused on New York City, a place that does not give him the same annoyingly friendly vibes as the inside of an Uber. “New York is a place full of people who are violently ignoring you,” he said. Clark compared this with Los Angeles, where he notices that everyone asks about your day. As you can guess, the comedian hates this about L.A.

Clark took on the topic of relationships as a single guy who has had little success in the field, which particularly entertained the audience at the SUBOG event. “Weddings are just funerals of friendships,” he darkly explained.

He managed to tie food into his take on relationships as well. “The Taco Bell drive home…that’s a dark drive home, because you’re not going home with anybody,” he said. This line was one of the biggest laughs of the show.

However, he continued on the Taco Bell topic with, “A majority of the customers are drunk drivers,” which ended with mixed facial expressions from the audience.

Clark redeemed himself when eyes lit up as he said the word “Chipotle.” He recieved a lot of chuckles when he said, “If you hold up that line at Chipotle, there are a dozen people behind you fantasizing about smashing your head into the counter.”Clark even sparked a debate in the audience about the quality of Moe’s and whether or not it was comparable to Chipotle, which the comedian made light-hearted with funny commentary.

He summed up his dark take on comedy toward the end of the show with: “21 you get to drink, 25 you rent a car, and then you’re just done.”

His blunt sarcasm was well-received, with viewers expressing their desire for more comedy shows similar to Clark’s at UConn.

Sarah Maddox is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached by email at sarah.maddox@uconn.edu.

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