Visiting Supreme Court Justice encourages students to enjoy time at UConn


Don’t focus only on the future was the unusual message spread to UConn students on Wednesday night by UConn Alumni and Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Richard Robinson.

Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Richard Robinson, who graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1979. (Courtesy/State of Connecticut Judicial Branch)

Robinson balanced sincerity with humor as he shared his life experiences from undergraduate to State Justice.  He stressed life balance the most, saying that people should be open to opportunities, but not miss out on enjoying life in the present. Robinson recommended that undergraduates should enjoy their time at UConn and take in all they can, but not go too crazy.

That doesn’t mean, however, that students shouldn’t work towards their future. Robinson recommends that students should seek out advisors in areas that interest them. These advisors can help guide them for their future plans.

“Make sure to open as many doors as you can, then learn which ones to close. (If you do it) the other way, you’re stuck,” Robinson said.

Robinson also touched on issues ranging from debt, political correctness, police brutality and networking.

Students appeared receptive to Robinson’s advice and conversational style.

“He was really engaging. He gave great advice, and was really inspirational,” fifth-semester political science major Lauren Graham said. “I like how the advice he gave you can take for the rest of your life.”

Students were glad that the Series Encouraging Self-Discovery, SEEDs, brought Robinson to speak at UConn.

“I loved it, I thought he was incredibly inspiring,” said former USG member Stephanie Sponzo. “I am glad they (the Series Encouraging Self Discovery) took the initiative to make this happen.”

Coffee and S’mores with Robinson was the first of two SEEDs events this semester. SEEDs, which was launched this summer, is a collaborative project between the Division of Student Affairs and UConn Foundation.

“This isn’t a classroom, there is no grade at the end,” Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Elly Daugherty, a force behind the starting of SEEDs, said.

SEEDS goal is to bring in former UConn Alumni to share their experience in a comfortable, residence setting.

“I was extremely humbled [by] the number of students here, I am glad they did this,” Robinson said.

UConn did not have this kind of service when he was an undergraduate, Robinson said.

SEEDs is planning on rotating event locations around campus. The next event will be on October 20th featuring Sandy Hook shooting survivor and former teacher Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis.

Dario Cabrera is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at

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