Don’t be a victim of a Craigslist scam


One of the most popular websites used by UConn students, people need to be aware of the dangers that go along with it. (Plymouth District Library/flickr/Creative Commons)

Craigslist is the other place where UConn students go to buy and sell things besides the Buy and Sell Facebook page, but students will have to be cautious to make sure that they are not becoming a victim of a scam.

“The overwhelming majority of Craigslist users are trustworthy and well-meaning,” according to Craigslist.

Despite this there are still users who try to take advantage of others who do not take some precautions.

Students should be as cautious when meeting someone from Craigslist as anywhere else. Some of these would be to “insist on a public meeting place like a café, do not meet in a secluded place or invite strangers into your home and tell a friend where you are going” among others, according to Craigslist.

Another way to prevent being the victim of a scam is to not give away any personal or financial information online over email or other means, according to

“Deal locally, face-to-face, follow this one rule and avoid 99% of scams,” according to Craigslist.

This means to be wary of deals that involve shipping, don’t wire any money, don’t take any money orders, do not pay anyone that you have not personally met and do not rent or buy anything without seeing it first, according to Craigslist.

Students should also be aware of phishing scams and how to avoid them.

Do not send an email with any personal or financial information, look over card and bank statements for any unauthorized charges and be careful when opening or downloading any attachments, according to

Some ways on figuring out if you are being scammed is if the person is not local, they refuse to meet in person, they “guarantee” something, and use money orders or other in direct ways of payment, according to Craigslist.

If you believe you have been a victim of a scam on campus, you should contact UConn Police.

Annabelle Orlando is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at She tweets @AnnabelleOrlando

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