More outdoor concerts would add to UConn experience


Jon Bellion’s outdoor performance at SUBOG’s fall concert on Friday, Sept. 23, 2016 was a huge hit. (Zhelun Lang/The Daily Campus)

On Saturday Sept. 23, the University of Connecticut celebrated the new season and semester with the annual fall concert. Jon Bellion performed as the headlining artist for the event on the Student Union terrace, with the audience spread out along the grass. It was a great success, and students and guests were able to enjoy a free night of music, friends and beautiful weather.

Last year’s fall concert, headlined by Nate Ruess from Fun. and The Format, was also a great time, but it was a different format. Last year’s fall concert was held in Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts, and students had to purchase their tickets to attend.

The Jon Bellion concert was a great success due to both the performer and the atmosphere. Jon Bellion gave an almost hour-long set of a mixture of pop, techno and rap. During this set, Bellion connected well with his audience. He asked questions, told stories and even learned the Husky chant. This allowed his message to permeate better when he asked his audience stop the negativity that has recently been so prominent in the media and to love one another. He told his audience, “Don’t let fear win.” This message resounded with the audience. Brett Steinberg, a seventh-semester communication and journalism major, told The Daily Campus, “I felt something in the air when he said that.”

The atmosphere of the concert positively impacted the experience of the concert and the connection between Bellion and the audience. The format of a free outdoor concert allowed student to wander into the performance at any time, even if they had no plans of attending or did not know about the event. Viewers also commented about appreciating lights on stage when discussing the benefits of holding the concert at night. The night was an overall amazing experience.

It is wonderful that UConn can coordinate such an experience for its students. The success of this event should encourage the university to organize more events with positive performers in the open air, especially during the short periods of the academic year when it is comfortable to stay outside.  

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