Coffee with a cop: UConn police host coffee day to start student conversation


(Jonathan Thursfield/Flickr/Creative Commons)

(Jonathan Thursfield/Flickr/Creative Commons)

Coffee is, arguably, a college student’s best friend and this Friday, Oct. 7, students can grab a cup and talk to UConn police officers as part of National Coffee with a Cop Day.

Coffee with a Cop was originated by the Hawthorne Police Department in Hawthorne, CA as a way to interact more with residents, according to the Coffee with a Cop website.

“It was an opportunity for community members to speak with officers without any specific agenda,” UCPD captain Magdalena Silver said, “ Just kind of people conversations.”

At UConn, the event was held twice this summer to gauge interest, once at Wilbur Cross and the second time for residence hall directors. Turnout for the Wilbur Cross event was high and was open to the public, whereas the hall director event was specifically for them.

“They [the event] are trying to start a conversation within our community about what’s up and kind of getting to know the officer, getting to know the community, one-on-one,” Silver said.

There will be a host that greets students as they enter and will direct them to the right person to talk to, Silver said.

“If you came in and you had a concern, that’s something that needs to be handled on a supervisory level, they will probably match you up more with me to speak to [supervisory level] instead of someone who’s just concerned about speeding,” according to Silver.

This will be the first National Coffee with a Cop Day, since its inception in 2011 and it has also gone international, Silver said. It has expanded to Europe, Australia and Africa.

At UConn, Coffee with a Cop will be taking place at the police substation in the basement of the Homer Babbidge Library.

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