Students Against Trump organization to campaign in New Hampshire


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a town hall, Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016, in Sandown, N.H. (Evan Vucci/AP Photo)

A group of University of Connecticut students are making plans to campaign in New Hampshire against Donald Trump.

UConn’s chapter of Students Against Trump was founded in early September.

The national organization Students Against Trump is supported by the Democratic Coalition Against Trump. UConn Campus Ambassador for Students Against Trump Josefa Arias said the group’s goal is to increase turnout among student voters in November.

“The Democratic Coalition Against Trump is a grassroots Super PAC trying to get students to vote through Students Against Trump, since this election is controversial, and lots of people aren’t happy with their options and don’t want to vote, though it’s important,” Arias, a senior English major, said.

According to a press release from the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, “The…formation (of UConn’s Students Against Trump organization) is part of a larger, nationwide Students Against Trump campaign recently launched by the Super PAC in response to polls showing lack of enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton and apathy among young voters.”

Though time before the election is running short, UConn’s Students Against Trump organization plans to be as active as possible in the democratic process before November, Arias said.

“In a few weeks, we’re going to a meeting in New Hampshire to meet with people, go to houses and have a conversation about who they’re going to vote for,” Arias said. “We want people to know they should go out and vote this election, and about the dangers of Trump.”

According to Arias, the meeting will occur in New Hampshire because of its status as a swing state, and is open to all UConn students who join Students Against Trump.

“The application for joining Students Against Trump is not very time consuming, and it’s accessible,” Arias said. “I know we’re all really busy, but joining is helpful, and will make a difference.”

Sections of the Students Against Trump organization already exist at universities throughout the United States, Arias said.

“Our Students Against Trump organization at UConn started about a month ago,” Arias said.

The organization is trying to find its niche, Arias said.

“We’re figuring out where to center our operations since we just started,” Arias said. “We’re also doing research on how other (organizations) did anti-Trump ads, so we’re still thinking of creative ways to catch people’s attention and convince them Trump isn’t the right candidate.”

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