Confessions of a Fashionista: Tailgating must-haves


With the homecoming football game right around the corner (Oct. 22 for those who don’t know), we’re all excited to show our school spirit at the game and the tailgate, in my opinion, is the best place to do it. And what better way to show your school spirit than wearing the perfect outfit? If you haven’t noticed the bar has been raised for apparel this year, everyone hopped on the DIY train and started bleaching, cutting and completely transforming their school t-shirts and I’m all about it. After checking out all the different options there are a couple essentials you’re going to need if you plan on hitting the homecoming tailgate next weekend.

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1. The perfect pair of skinny jeans or leggings: You’re going to be walking around pretty much all morning, and if you’re like me and are cold practically all the time long pants are probably your best bet. Since we go to UConn, you can never go wrong with blue jeans because odds are they’ll match probably every single piece of apparel you own! And if you’re lazy and don’t want to make the jeans commitment when you wake up bright and early for the bus, comfy black leggings are always a great alternative.

2. Flannel/Thrift Finds: If you tuned in to my last column all about thrift shopping, it might be time to take that Savers trip. I’ve found so many amazing flannels or vintage UConn apparel at these thrift stores close to campus and if you can’t find anything that matches perfectly, you’re at least sure to find something that will keep you warm on these saturday mornings!


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3. Sunglasses/Raincoat: I group these together, mainly because the bottom line is to stay weather appropriate. Typically, tailgates end up happening rain or shine and it’s always good to be prepared. Sunglasses will look adorable in pictures and double as protection against the sun and a raincoat will keep you nice and dry!

4. Comfy shoes: This is one goes without saying, you won’t have a great time if your feet are killing you the whole time or if you’re freezing. Comfy shoes are the key to having an amazing time without having to worry about being in pain or tripping over.

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5. UConn apparel: Another one that’s pretty obvious, but you never know! It’s time to raid the Bookstore (RIP Co-Op prices) and maybe splurge just a little. Whether it’s that UConn sweatshirt you’ve had your eye on, or a basic T-Shirt you plan on DIYing, buy it! Use the excuse that these are your glory college days and maybe this will be the piece of clothing you’ll cherish forever.

And that’s the recipe for the perfect trendy tailgate! Don’t forget that the best part of all these experiences is having the pictures to look back on when you graduate, so Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook away and you’ll be sure to have an amazing time.

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