Review: Spook and kill your Netflix queue with ‘Stranger Things’


A screenshot of the opening credits of “Stranger Things,” a science fiction-horror series on Netflix by the Duffer Brothers. (Courtesy/Wikimedia Creative Commons)

As the end of October slowly creeps up on us, so does Halloween. There is no better way to get into the Halloween spirit than to watch a spooky show or movie. This past summer, Netflix released an original series titled “Stranger Things.”

“Stranger Things” is directed by the Duffer Brothers, and it is apparent by the quality of the show that they put their heart and soul into the Netflix original series. The show has been a big success, and the young cast has made appearances on talk shows such as “The Tonight Show.” The Netflix show’s dark yet charming storyline will put anyone in the Halloween spirit.

“Stranger Things” centers on the mystery of Will Byers, a young boy from a small town who goes missing. The audience watches as different characters slowly begin to unravel the mystery of his disappearance, along with appearance of a young girl named Eleven.

The eight-episode series contains countless twists and turns, and cliffhangers that will make everyone want to click “next episode.”

The main cast is middle-school-aged children, but despite their inexperience in the acting industry, each child actor shows a great understanding of how to bring their character to life.  

The adult actors also put on great performances. Winona Ryder, known for the popular Halloween movie “Heathers,” had an exceptionally noteworthy performance as Will’s mother, who is stricken with anxiety and delusions at the loss of her son.

The cast of the Netflix original series are able to incorporate some humor into the otherwise dark show, which helps to make it highly enjoyable by breaking up the heavier scenes and plot points with some comedy. The characters in “Stranger Things” are well developed and multi-dimensional, making them easily relatable for the audience despite the supernatural nature of the plot.  

The series has also been praised for its use of nostalgia. “Stranger Things” takes place in the 1980’s, and contains Easter eggs for other 80’s shows and movies like “Jaws,” “E.T,” “Star Wars” and many others. These Easter eggs range from posters on the wall to storylines, but the Duffer Brothers manage to keep the show fresh and unique despite the occasionally borrowed plot points. Even the poster for the show is an Easter egg, styled almost identically to the iconic posters from the “Star Wars” film franchise. The homage “Stranger Things” pays to 80s classics will keep movie buffs intrigued for the entirety of its eight episode season.

The Duffer Brothers’ “Stranger Things” is an excellent show that is worth the top spot on anyone’s Netflix queue. The show is well written and will keep viewers engaged and on their toes for each episode. Whether you are trying to get into the spirit of Halloween or you are just looking for an interesting show to binge watch, the mystery thriller “Stranger Things” is worth watching this October.

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