Dream interpretations: The top 5 most common dreams and their meanings


Have you ever had a dream where you are falling off a building, being chased, or fully naked in public and wonder why?  

People tend to dream that they are drowning when they are under stress and overwhelmed in their life. (Photo courtesy of Pixabay/Creative Commons)

Falling or Drowning

To be clear, the saying “you will die if you fall and hit the ground in your dream,” is a myth. Even so, these types of dreams typically represent the insecurities the person has due to fear of losing control.

These dreams are especially common when the person feels overwhelmed in their life (ex. Midterms). Evaluating your current situations in life to find the problem and learning to trust yourself and others more helps this dream go away.

Being chased by someone or something

The person can be running from a human, an animal, an imaginary monster or an unknown figure who wants to either harm or kill them. But what’s really happening is the body’s fight-or-flight response being activated because the person is avoiding a real life problem they’re facing.

In some cases, the problem the person is running away from is a certain aspect of their self (ex. Anger) by suppressing their emotions in the real world.

Dreaming about death often symbolizes a transition in a person’s life. (Tammra McCauley/Flickr/Creative Commons)


Dreaming about your own death is a very scary thing to imagine, but yes, this is a common dream for people to have and death dreams are not as bad as they seem to be. Dreaming about death symbolizes a transition that is happening in the person’s life.

Death dreams can also represent the person’s subconscious grabbing their attention about something in the waking life that needs them to take action. But to dream about someone else dying tends to represent the relationship they had with them is going through a dramatic shift and the desire to end the relationship.

Being naked in public

The clothes that people wear in the waking life are how they represent themselves in the real world. If the person experiences a dream where they are naked, or just their underwear in public, it typically represents vulnerability.

It’s embarrassing when you are feeling helpless and try to make a façade with people to keep those fears at bay. Learning to open up to other people helps diminish these dreams.

Unable to find a toilet

When it comes to finding a toilet to use when you need it, one can only hope this situation doesn’t happen to you in the real life. That being said, toilets are things we use to take care of basic needs.

If the person has a dream where they can’t find a toilet to use, it means that there’s something in their waking life in which they’re unable to express their needs or thoughts. This dream especially happens when the person spends more time looking after other people’s needs more than their own.

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