Who does Negan pick in this season of ‘The Walking Dead’?


A screen grab of the opening credits of “The Walking Dead.” (mezclaconfusa/Flickr Creative Commons)

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. We are all sad to not only see Abraham, but also Glenn beaten to death by Lucille in “The Walking Dead” season seven premiere on Oct. 23.

The new season begins with Negan tormenting Rick and not revealing who was killed.  The producers did a great job increasing suspense that has already been building since the season finale back in April.

Negan proves to be as brutal and sarcastic as he is portrayed in the comic books.  This is both a bad thing for the characters, as well as a good thing for those of us who secretly love to watch violence.

Negan pulls Rick into the camper and proves to Rick that he will not be able to overpower him.

Rick is forced into a game of catch with his hatchet, where he breaks down.  It is then that there is a flashback explaining what happens.

Negan plays his game with the characters, raising the suspense until Lucille makes contact with Abraham’s head.

After he is beaten to death, the remaining characters relax a little, since Negan said he had to kill one of them.  However, it is not over.

The next victim is Glenn.  As a fan of Glenn’s from the very first season when he saved Rick’s life, it is really hard to see him go, especially since we know he is a soon to be father.

Glenn had such an iconic death scene in the comics that it had to be this way, but we were still shocked it happened after our guard was let down with Abraham’s death.

The scene changes back to the current time when Rick and Negan are in the camper.  There is a near death experience when Negan throws Rick to the walkers.  

It is an intriguing and disgusting scene as Rick fights for his life against the decaying monsters.

Negan cleans the blood off of Rick’s hatchet and returns it to him.  In the comics, Rick loses his hand so it appears that this may be the part where he loses it, but we should know by now that we cannot predict this show.

The two rejoin the rest of the group where Negan continues to threaten to kill them all.  He gives Rick an ultimatum.  Rick has to either cut off his son Carl’s left hand, or they will kill all of them.

It is an impossible decision, and Negan makes it even harder by counting, treating Rick like an unruly child.  This scene shows how brutal the show is getting.  Carl has already been shot twice and we have seen in previous seasons that Rick will do anything to save his son.

After much panic, Rick moves, as if to cut of his arm when Negan stops him.  This was hard to watch because I have no idea what I would do in that situation.

Negan kidnaps Daryl and makes it very clear that he is going to be running their lives from now on.

Negan and his people clear out and leave Rick and the remaining people to grieve and take the bodies back home in Alexandria.

One of the ending scenes is of everyone eating dinner at a big table with Abraham and Glenn still alive.  They show Glenn holding his child, only a couple years old. Everyone is happy and at peace.  This scene makes their deaths even more horrible.

This show is about more than just a zombie apocalypse.  In most cases, it is about loyalty and family.  This is one of the best things about the show.

It is unclear what could happen in this season.  The show is based off of a series of comic books, however, the show has veered pretty far from it.  Some characters should already have died, while others have had their deaths altered.  It is mystery as for what is to come next.

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