Get Spooky: Local Halloween activities around UConn


Corn mazes, hay rides and haunted houses are popular activities to celebrate Halloween and many of them can be found around UConn. (Anne Mitchell/Flickr, Creative Commons)

Since Halloween is just around the corner, there are only a few more days to visit haunted houses, hay rides, corn mazes and pumpkin patches in Connecticut! Here’s a list of some of the most popular that are a quick drive from UConn. Most of them are only open until October 31st, so make sure you and your friends try to visit before the holiday is over.

Dark Manor (Norwich, CT)

 A short drive from campus, Dark Manor is comprised of three sections that you must walk through to exit the maze: the manor, the graveyard and the catacombs. With winding hallways, ghosts and skeletons (and yes, one clown) popping out at you from every corner, you will definitely get your money’s worth.

Trail of Terror (Wallingford, CT)

If a website outlines all of the medical conditions that you cannot have if you enter a haunted maze, you know that it will be terrifying. Despite the hour-long drive, this haunted trail is worth the gas money. The entire trail is outdoors through the woods and uses special effects to keep you on your toes. This is a very popular Halloween haunting, so make sure to go online to reserve your tickets.

Hale House (Coventry, CT)

For a haunted house closer to home, the Hale House in Coventry is a museum near campus that apparently holds the spirits of the Hale family. There is even a haunted corn maze to walk through after your visit to the museum. This house may not contain any pop-out terror, but there could be some paranormal activity.

Hayes Corn Maze (North Granby, CT)

This extensive corn maze is sure to have you running in circles to find your way out. The owners even set up a different theme each year so you can follow along as you attempt to find your way out. Opening for only three hours on Halloween Night, this is a perfect way to spend the holiday (since it falls on a Monday this year).

Riverview Farms (South Glastonbury, CT)

With another haunted corn maze, group hayrides, and phenomenal ice cream, Riverview Farms is another location to cross off your bucket list over this Halloween weekend. With plenty of fun activities to participate in regardless of your scare threshold, this is perfect for all of your friends.

Botticello Farms (Manchester, CT)

Of course, not all of us can brave the haunted fall activities. Botticello Farms is a perfect alternative! Instead of people dressed and jumping out at you, or corn mazes that are reminiscent of “Children of the Corn,” you can pick pumpkins and squash at a gorgeous Instagram-worthy farm while drinking some of their delicious apple cider. This farm is just as fun as the other locations, just much less nerve-wracking.

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