Connecticut ranked the fifth-best state to by a lawyer


Attorneys who practice in Connecticut claim that they enjoy practicing here for its location, despite the struggling economy. (K1wy/Wikimedia, Creative Commons)

Connecticut has been ranked the fifth-best state for attorneys to practice, according to Zippia, a career information site.

This ranking was identified by the availability of jobs in the state and the pay that attorneys receive, according to Zippia.

Attorneys who practice in Connecticut also claim that they enjoy practicing here for its location, despite the struggling economy.

“I love being an attorney in Connecticut,” pre-law advisor and attorney Diane Whitney said.  “I chose to practice here simply because it was where we were living at the time – my husband’s job was here, we owned a home here and had every expectation that we would remain here and raise our children here.”

Whitney recommends practicing in Connecticut to interested students.

Practicing in Connecticut gives attorneys easy access to New York and Boston as well as good schools and a civil practicing bar, Whitney said.

“Practice here has been hurt by the troubling economy, but things appear to be getting better, albeit slowly,” Whitney said.

For those who do not want to stay stuck in Connecticut, Whitney said that students should not worry.

“CT has been a nice place to practice, though my practice has taken me to many other states,” Whitney said.  “I have litigated matters in Texas, Arkansas, Washington, Illinois, Alabama, Vermont and probably some other places I’m forgetting.”

Pre-law student and third-semester political science major Amy Sajji, who has always called Connecticut home, would like to practice in Connecticut after receiving her law degree. Saji is interested in practicing sports law and possibly even attending law school in Connecticut.

“Connecticut is the home of ESPN so there’s more legal opportunities here than some people even realize, not to mention that CT has many great law schools with professors of various backgrounds in law,” Saji said.

The downside to law practice in Connecticut is the lack of trials here as opposed to other states.

“If there is a downside, it is that matters are tried here much less often than in other states, particularly southwest states,” Whitney said. “Had I practiced there, I would probably have had more trial work, and I would have liked that.”

Whitney focuses on environmental litigation and land use issues.

There are currently 7,660 total law jobs in Connecticut with an average salary of $147,000 and an entry-level salary at $78,120.

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