Capitol Steps brings talent and wit to politics


Jorgensen saw a packed house Friday, October 28, for a cabaret performance by Washington DC-based comedy troupe Capitol Steps. Bari Biern (left) and Kevin Corbett (right) performed a conversation between President Barack Obama and former President George Bush that had the audience in constant laughter. (Akshara Thejaswi/The Daily Campus)

The Capitol Steps, a musical theatre and comedy group, brought humor to today’s politics during a show at the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts on Friday evening.

For 35 years the Capitol Steps have performed skits around the country. The group is comprised of musicians, actors, composers and, most surprisingly, past Congress and Senate members.

The six actors and one pianist spent a little over an hour throwing digs at the two presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, as well as politicians who dropped out of the race, such as Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Ben Carson and Bernie Sanders.

The Capitol Steps played songs from their newest album “What to Expect When Electing.” The singers took familiar songs and changed the words to mock modern politicians. For example, Trump sang, “Shut Up and Vote for Me,” a spoof on Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance with Me.”

Sharry Goldman, a Mansfield resident, said that Trump was hilarious and a lot funnier than he is in real life. Goldman had seen the Capitol Steps multiple times before.

Trump began his monologue with a sniffled, before rating the statue of liberty a solid “3.” He then went on to say, “When you’re famous, they let you do anything you want. You can just grab them by the pedestal.”

Trump asked the audience to vote for him because then “we’ll have the hottest first lady ever, at least until I trade up,” he said.

The digs were bipartisan, and Clinton’s emails found their way into the skits too. She sang a rendition of “I’m So Excited,” except the words were changed to “I’m not indicted, and I’m so excited.”

Other notable figures found their way into the jokes, including Bob Dylan and his recent Nobel Prize win. Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, also apologized for not meeting with President Barack Obama; he couldn’t attend because he “got Snowden.”

Supreme Court justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg sang “Stop! And Just Name a Judge.” However, they hoped the new judge would not be a woman, because the line for the ladies’ restroom was getting too long.

Al Gore, Ann Coulter, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Pope Francis all made notable appearances as well.

The Jorgensen Theater was nearly filled during the show, but college student attendees were few and far between. With Halloweekend just starting up, and tickets sold out $20 for students, they may have found other ways to fill their time.

Ellen Williams, a Manchester resident, said she has seen the Capitol Steps on and off since 1985.

“I enjoyed the skit in which Trump and Clinton had another debate about who could tell the best jokes,” Williams said. “I’ve seen the Steps before and they make me laugh a lot. Right now it’s good to laugh.”

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