Mansfield registered voters add over 14,000 to new state registered voter record


Over the past year, the town of Mansfield has registered 14,248 new voters for this year’s election. According to Town Clerk Mary Stanton, Mansfield has had a consistent increase in numbers of new voters over the last two presidential election cycles. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

The Town of Mansfield’s 14,248 registered voters have contributed to a record 2,100,021 people being registered to vote in this year’s election in the state of Connecticut.

“…Connecticut crossed the 2.1 million threshold and set a new record for the number of people registered to vote in the state. As of Wednesday, Oct. 26, Connecticut had 2,100,021 registered voters. This number exceeds the previous record of just over 2,097,000, reported on Nov. 3, 2008,” according to a press release from Patrick Gallahue, Communications director for Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill.

The Town of Mansfield has substantially raised its number of registered voters this election season, Town Clerk Mary Stanton said.

“Mansfield had 13,050 registered voters in 2008, 12,688 in 2012 and now has 14,248,” Stanton said.

The current tally of 14,248 registered voters does not account for voter registrations completed on the Nov. 1st deadline, according to Stanton.

“There are still a large number of [voter registrations] in the office [of the Registrar of Voters] received [Nov. 1st] that haven’t been processed yet,” Stanton said. “About 400 came in online [Nov. 1st], and right up to 5 [PM], people were standing in line to register to vote.”

The Town of Mansfield will also register voters on Election Day Nov. 8th, Stanton said.

“The town bought 2,000 extra ballots,” Stanton said.

Stanton urged voters intending to register on Election Day to arrive at the polls in a timely manner.

“Voters need to get to the registration point by 8 [PM] to vote,” Stanton said. “The earlier they can come, the better.”

The Registrar of Voters office has been vital to improving Mansfield’s voter registration rate, Stanton said.

“The Registrar [of Voters office] hired a lot of people this year,” Stanton said. “It also put QR codes on the buses so people can see if they’re registered to vote.”

Further information about voting in Mansfield can be found on the Registrar of Voters’ website. 

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