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With Election Day upon us, several members of The Daily Campus thought, what better way to celebrate than to take a look back at all of the the United States presidents and answer the age old question: Who’s hotter?

Angie DeRosa, Life Editor

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the Ryan Gosling of the early 1900s. He was president during some of the worst times in US history: the Great Depression and World War II. To this day, he remains the only president to be elected a third term. With his New Deal, he implemented a number of programs to help the poor and working class, and he also repealed prohibition. So not only did he make it possible for everyone to drink legally again, but he also cared about social injustices. Total babe-worthy.


FDR, the Ryan Gosling of the early 1900s, according to Angie DeRosa. (Courtesy/Pinterest)


Chris Sacco, Opinion Editor  

Gerald Ford was sworn into office after President Nixon’s resignation in August of 1974. Though Chevy Chase famously impersonated Ford on Saturday Night Live as a bumbling fool thrust into office, his place as the best looking man to ever sit in the Oval Office is irrefutable. Though he was offered positions on professional football teams after college, America’s 38th president chose service over instant fame. So he was a good guy too? Is there anything Jerry couldn’t do (apart from win an election)?


Chris Sacco has the hots for Gerald Ford, who was sworn into office after President Nixon’s resignation in August 1974. (Courtesy/Ford Library Museum)


Amar Batra, Staff Columnist

Theodore Roosevelt, a.k.a the other guy you could bring home to your parents, is the definition of a real man. This dude is rugged, a natural outdoorsman and has a distinguished moustache to match. Teddy also created the national parks and was an avid hunter. He really appreciated everything the outdoors had to offer. He was also ready to ride into battle on a horse, a bloody horse. And just remember the teddy bear is named after him, which everyone knows means he’s good with kids (the strong but sensitive type) and very cuddly. Good with kids, cuddly, parent-friendly and a manly man. Sounds like the total package to me.


For some reason, Amar Batra thinks Teddy Roosevelt is the guy for him. (Courtesy/Wikimedia Commons)


Francesca Colturi, Staff Writer

He is tall, dark and handsome. His smooth, sensual voice is the sound of the American Dream. Who is it? None other than Mr. Barack Obama. He reformed health care, ended the war in Iraq and set the U.S. on a track to Mars while he still has the chance.

President Barack Obama, otherwise known as Francesca Colturi’s Mr. Right. (Photo/AP)

Not to mention he balls so hard on the court and is the ninth cousin of another luscious American, Brad Pitt. Obama is a man who can be stunningly serious with power but also presidentially playful, all with one heart of gold. In the words of the Internet: get you a man (president) who can do both. The final and most resonating reason is in the age of dad-bods and feminism, a man who takes care of his family and treats his wife with the utmost respect and equality is Mr. Right. Right for our country and right for me. But the season of sexy is almost over and it’s not him, it’s us.


Marissa Piccolo, Associate Opinion Editor

This is not even a question. Having been an actor before entering politics, Ronald Reagan was practically required to be incredibly handsome, flash a million dollar smile and quintessentially embody 1950’s Hollywood class. He’s also really tall. There is no one else who could warm up the Cold War like Ronnie – or who would rather wake up next to and have tell you, it’s “Morning in America.”


Marissa Piccolo wouldn’t be opposed to waking up with Ronny Reags. (Courtesy/Wikimedia Commons)


Christopher McDermott, News Editor  

Thomas Jefferson was the Emma Watson of the U.S. presidents. TJ wrote America into existence, designed his own estate, spoke at least five languages, brought back the Lazy Susan from France, bought half of America in negotiations with Napoleon (haggling for a new car would be nothing) and casually mastered horticulture in his free time. And look at how well powdered he kept his wig! Hottest president. It’s self-evident.


Christopher McDermott would go back in time for a date with Thomas Jefferson. (Courtesy/Google Creative Commons, 1800 portrait by Rembrandt Peale)


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