Author brings real life crime story to UConn Barnes & Noble


Kyle Darcy, the author of “Under Current Conditions,” did a book talk and signing at Barnes & Noble at UConn on November 9, 2016. “Under Current Conditions” is a fictional novel about kidnapping, FBI stings and murder, all based entirely on actual events. (Jason Jiang/The Daily Campus)

On Nov. 9, Kyle Darcy author of “Under Current Conditions” visited Barnes and Noble in Storrs Center to discuss his book and sign copies.

The book is based on a real life crime involving a tragic murder and kidnapping in Boston of 1999. Darcy knew the victims and is a character in the novel.

Darcy had already written the ending to the novel before the indictment, but once it was announced the ending was altered. The case, which received publicity from NBC and CBS, was resolved 10 years later when David Swain was convicted for the murder of his wife.

To keep the audience engaged, Darcy quizzed them with a series of 10 questions about his book including character names, locations and major plot events. The person with the highest score would receive a $30 gift card.

As an author Darcy’s challenges were to tell a story that would be engaging for the public,  the editing process and contacting the victim’s family.

Despite working as a contractor for many years, Darcy had decades of experience with writing fiction alongside his contractor responsibilities.

Throughout the novel he, as mentioned by an audience member, remains “lighthearted and funny.”

After his discussion, audience members were encouraged to ask questions. One person asked Darcy how he decided to share his story.

“I usually tuck away any tragic experiences,” Darcy said. “I wanted to tell the victim’s story as they did not have an opportunity to.”

Since Darcy is a character in the novel another audience member asked him about the PTSD and paranoia mentioned in his character in the book. Darcy said that came about due to the sleep deprivation and stressful days as a contractor.

“I began to not distinguish real threats from made up threats as a result,” he said.

As a crime drama and psychological thriller, Darcy is hopeful college students are curious to read his story.

Darcy ultimately hopes to convey “the balance in instinct we must have, not too cavalier or too paranoid.” His next book will be released early of 2017 and will be a prequel to “Under Current Conditions.”

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