The Chainsmokers release anthem-packed ‘Collage EP’


The Chainsmokers’ Drew Taggart (front, right) performs “All We Know” alongside Phoebe Ryan while the other half of the Chainsmokers, Alex Pall (top, left) mans the turntables. (Ronald Woan/Flickr, Creative Commons)

For those who have been patiently waiting, the time has finally come: The Chainsmokers officially released their sophomore EP, titled “Collage EP,” on Nov. 4. But if you were expecting a host of new jams, expect to be disappointed—the EP includes all of the songs that have been released thus far, boasting only one new single.

With the release of their breakout hit “#SELFIE,” The Chainsmokers were not given much credit in the music industry. It seemed likely that they would join the ranks of artists considered one-hit wonders, but then they redeemed themselves with their repetitiously catchy tune “Roses,” featuring ROZES. That song single-handedly changed their image, and their first EP “Bouquet”  solidified them a spot in the music industry. Now, they are back for round two.

The hype for the new EP began back in February when the DJ duo released “Don’t Let Me Down,” featuring vocals from Daya. First on the EP, the song was a new sound for them, focusing on heavy bass and taking a trap spin on it. “Don’t Let Me Down” is definitely the party anthem of the group; the drop in the song is arguably the most established out of the five and does not fail to get at least one person in the room up and moving. Also versatile, this song can be played in a club or at a chill house party and still set the mood.

Just as “Don’t Let Me Down” was taking off in April, The Chainsmokers released the second single on the EP, this one called “Inside Out,” which features vocals from an undiscovered artist by the name of Charlee. Unlike “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Inside Out” has a much smoother melody and contains a beautiful message.” Over synth and bells Charlee sings about wanting to see every single part of her lover so that she can love them inside out. “Inside Out” is definitely one of the top songs on the EP thanks to its chill beat and great lyrics.

The third song on the EP is the song that everyone knows: “Closer.” Released in July, this anthem rocketed to the top of the charts almost immediately holding “Closer” No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for 11 straight weeks, and shows no signs of letting up. There is just something mystifying about this track; maybe it is the way that Halsey’s voice harmonizes with that of Drew, one half of The Chainsmokers who debuts his singing voice on the song, and maybe it is the infectious beat that plays after Halsey cries “We ain’t ever getting older!” For some, “Closer” has already run its course, but it’s unlikely that this song will ever lose its anthem status.

Fourth on the list is “All We Know,” a song even more chill than “Inside Out” and features vocals from Phoebe Ryan. Released in September, this song seems to be somewhere in the middle between “Inside Out” and “Closer;” it’s another duet with Drew, but it’s more laid back and details a story about two lovers just going through life together. “All We Know” is probably one of the weaker songs on the EP, but only by comparison.

Rounding off the EP is “Setting Fires,” the song that was released along with the rest of the EP just last week. This track features vocals from the underground indie-pop duo XYLØ and its beat is definitely one of the best out of the five songs on the EP. “Setting Fires” is a contender to be the best song on “Collage,” but at the very least we will hopefully hear it on the radio in the near future.

Overall, The Chainsmokers gave us a beautiful second EP to add to their repertoire. The only thing to question is when their debut album will be released, and all signs point to hopefully soon.

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