Student Affairs responds to student protests


On Thursday afternoon, the Office of Student Affairs responded to student protests via an email to the University of Connecticut community, expressing support for free expression and a commitment to the equality of marginalized groups.

“We also attended the rally,” the email reads. “The indisputable value of diversity on our campuses is one we are always happy to reaffirm. UConn has long welcomed and valued students who represent a diversity of identities and the expression of many viewpoints and experiences is critical to the vitality of our campuses. These are core values at UConn and our commitment to inclusion does not change based on external factors.”

Vice President of Student Affairs Michael Gilbert and Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students Eleanor J.B. Daugherty sent the email defending mainly undocumented students together.

On Wednesday afternoon, several hundred UConn students protested across campus following the election of Donald Trump to the presidency. The students gave the administration until 5 p.m. on Friday to publish a statement supporting and protecting minority communities.

“I’m glad that UConn accepts, funds and supports undocumented students,” eighth-semester allied health sciences student Krishna J. Patel said. “But if the students come from a poor or harsh background, it gives them the opportunity for education. I don’t know if many other schools support undocumented students.”

The email listed several resources for students and faculty to find support, including the Office of Institutional Equity, Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the UConn Police Department.

“Every UConn student is valued for their presence, identity and perspective,” the email concludes. “The University always has and will continue, to encourage a culture of respectful dialogue and inclusion of all viewpoints.”

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