Editorial: Flexer and Haddad must continue to advocate for students


Haddad and Flexer attend “Rally for the People” on campus, on Nov. 10, 2016. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

This past Tuesday, State Senator Mae Flexer and State Representative Greg Haddad won re-election, and will head to Hartford for another two years to represent the 29th senate and 54th house districts in which most University of Connecticut students live on campus. Both are Democrats and graduates of the University of Connecticut, and, often working together, have proven to be strong advocates for students in Harford. They are committed to listening to and empowering students – personally knowing and working with many campus activists – as well as speaking up and addressing the issues important to them in the Capitol. Flexer won with 55 percent of the vote, and Haddad nearly 75 percent.

Flexer and Haddad should take the results of the election as an example of how students both notice and appreciate their efforts, and must continue working on their behalf. Both elected officials were present at the “Rally for the People” Wednesday on campus, giving a sense of support for those students shocked or feeling personally threatened by the results of the presidential election. They have shown and expressed support for undocumented services at UConn, along with the legislation aimed at assisting them. This is expected to become an increasingly high stakes issue over the next four years, and both must continue to be involved and aware. Both Flexer and Haddad have also been similar events of importance to students in the past, such as the annual UConn Slutwalk: A March to End Victim Blaming.

Flexer and Haddad are familiar with a variety of issues impacting student constituents, along with a long history of involvement. These include college affordability, the Yes Means Yes affirmative consent bill, open access textbooks and austerity budget cuts to higher education and Connecticut’s public university system. At a time where many students may fear that the future has become uncertain, Flexer and Haddad must continue to ensure them they have a voice in Hartford.

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