App Review: How to save and get the best deals this Black Friday


With Thanksgiving break full speed ahead and class work to finish up, the LAST thing on your mind right now is Black Friday.

Whether we like it or not, that omnipresent, capitalistic free-for-all that comes right off the coattails of Thanksgiving isn’t going away anytime soon. So instead of living in fear of this dreaded day, here are some apps that’ll not only help you get organized for Black Friday, but save you some cash by snagging some killer deals.

Black Friday 2016 Ads App – Free

The Black 2016 Ads app gives shoppers the opportunity to make their own virtual shopping list on the most popular shopping day of the year. (Screenshot/iTunes)

Black Friday 2016 Ads App by Snazzle, Inc. is the best rated app at the moment for both iOS and Android devices.

This app provides breaking news and Black Friday sales flyers from all the top retailers to save you from hunting them down yourselves. This app even lets you make customizable lists that let you track deals and limited-time door busters, too.

Want to make your own virtual shopping list? This app lets you do that too by tracking your favorited items over different retailers to literally make it a one stop shopping extravaganza.

Want to be more eco-friendly? Black Friday 2016 Ads App gives you access to all the Black Friday coupons you’d need so all you would need to do is show the cashier your device and let them scan away.

Overall, Black Friday doesn’t always have to be a nightmare. Let Black Friday 2016 Ads App help make your wallet as big as your waistline after Thanksgiving.


Black Friday Shopping – Free

The Black Friday Shopping app allows shoppers to make a wishlist and keeps users updated with current articles about this years must-haves. (Screenshot/iTunes)

Another highly rated app in time for Black Friday is “Black Friday Shopping.” Available for iOS and Android devices and owned by Venture Media Labs Inc., Black Friday Shopping has all the information like Black Friday 2016 Ads App has, but presents all of it in a more streamlined fashion.

The app also allows you the ability to mark things on a wishlist so you can refer to it when the big shopping day comes, but that’s pretty much it. Though the Spartan layout of the app isn’t all bad. It allows the user to focus solely on what deals they need to research instead of being weighed down by bells and whistles.  

Black Friday Shopping also keeps you updated with current web articles that help give you an idea as to what are this year’s top must-haves.

Overall, compared to Black Friday 2016 Ads App, Black Friday Shopping is the sparser, sleeker version for the technologically minimalist shopping warrior.

May your bellies be full this Thanksgiving, your wallets be stuffed and your Black Friday be as brawl-less as possible.

Anna Zarra Aldrich is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at She tweets @ZarraAnna.

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