Letter to the Editor: Towers of Terror III


Letter to the Editor 11-18-16


Dear Editor,

My name is Stephen Winchell. I’m a UCONN Alumni (CLAS ‘08). I lived in West. I love West. And I’ve had enough of the West-shaming coming from frequent letter writer and Towers apologist Sean Rose. Mr. Rose, much like his beloved Towers, is the definition of repugnant.

To address the elephant in the room: yes, I did attend a party thrown by Mr. Rose in 2008. It was a gaudy display of Towers opulence, full of imported wines, expensive caviar, and guests as dull as dishwater. It was a mistake to show up, especially after the inclusive, warm, and downright barnburner of a square dance I had just attended in West. No, we didn’t have the frivolous ornaments of Towers; but we made up for it in heart. Us West folk may be simple, but we are nourishing. We enrich the soul, and that’s why Towers residents despise us. You see, they are all very lacking in the soul department.

Mr. Rose’s letter is full of wild exaggeration. Don’t judge him too harshly; when your ivory tower is so high above everyone, the lack of oxygen makes you prone to disorientation.

Yes, I was invited, but not by Mr. Rose. Mr. Robert Hermann (CLAS ‘11) believed I could see the good in Towers if I attended this ridiculous gala. A fool’s errand.

Yes, I did offend Mr. Roses’ guests with my political beliefs. The belief that West is a jewel on UCONN’s crown was a vile one to those vile people.

Did I have a putrid whisky odor? Maybe to the delicate olfactory sensibilities of a Towers resident. I did enjoy a slug of moonshine at our square dance before being carted away to that dismal party. I suppose enjoying yourself freely is a crime to the rigid royal court of Towers. And as an aside, I find it very ironic that someone from Towers is complaining about unpleasant smells. I don’t know what stinks more, their stench of arrogance, or the ever-present haze of cattle defecation from nearby Horsebarn Hill.

Mr. Rose, much like everyone who has ever lived in the fantasy of Towers, is lost in his own delusions. Huskies: STAY AWAY FROM TOWERS! Keep your feet on the ground, not in the clouds. Look no further than Sean Rose to see what horrors await anyone seduced by Towers Residence Halls.

With gratitude,

Stephen Winchell

CLAS ‘08


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